These worksheets will have your students answering various questions about different polygons using given information.

How to follow directions to draw a geometric figure? In the earlier days of learning geometry, most students find it hard to follow the right direction when drawing shapes. So, its important that you teach the students the right direction to follow to draw geometric figures. Let's learn those steps in detail. The first step is to learn what the question wants from you. If you're given an angle for a triangle, then you can draw the bottom line and measure from there. Moreover, the next step is to measure the line segment you want to draw. If you are not provided with a measurement, make sure it matches the angle of the next line. Draw the next line based on the provided angle. These steps will be essential when you have to draw all kinds of shapes. Yes, there are curves or a circle that doesn't have an angle. Then, you'll have to look at the equations which are provided to you.

You will basically be given a geometric shape recipe. In some cases, you will draw complex geometric figures just based on a few sentences. Then using your knowledge of geometry you will completely explain the anatomy of that figure. The really cool part of, at least I think so, is when you are asked to dissect the figures that you create. You need to remind yourself the sum of the values of angles within many different polygons. The easy solution there is to subtract the number of sides by two and then multiply that value by one-hundred and eighty. These worksheets explains how to draw geometric figures. Students may have to identify shapes, calculate angles, measure perimeters, divide the polygons into equal shapes, and more.

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Drawing Geometric Figures Lesson

This worksheet explains how to draw an equilateral triangle. A sample problem is solved.

Lesson and Practice

This worksheet reviews how to draw a square. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.


Students will answer questions about the geometric figures provided and draw as instructed. Ten descriptions are provided.

Practice Worksheet

Example problems: Draw diagonals inside your polygon from any single point so that it is now divided into triangles. How many diagonals do you have to draw?

Skill Drill

Example problem: Draw diagonals inside your polygon from any single point so that it is now divided into triangles. How many diagonals do you have to draw?

Drawing Geometric Figures Warm Up

Students will answer questions about geometric figures. Three problems are provided.