These worksheets will introduce your beginning geometry students to the concept of lines of reflection.

A reflection of a line is a mirror image if the line positioned relative to itself. Line reflections do not just happen to lines, they also happen to geometric figures. All the points between the starting shape and its reflection are the same distance away. A reflection will also result in geometric structures that have all the angles the same and they remain parallel.

The exact location of a line of reflection is in between two corresponding mirror images so that the distance of a single image at any point is similar to the line as the same point on the other flipped object. We use lines of reflections to solve the questions of geometry, art classes and these lines also leveraging multiple fields like painting, landscaping, and engineering. Place a point or dot on one object - Place a dot on the accurate location in another image. For example; You place the dot at the upper most angle of a triangle, when you have mirror image two triangles. Calculate the distance between the two dots with a ruler - If you want to halfway point, divide the rate of distance by 2 and mark its presence by a small dot. By repeating the old steps, you can find at least two more halfway points between the two imageries. Line of Reflection with a ruler - Draw a straight line and join all three points that you marked half day location. You can correct all your estimations so that line will be a line of reflection. These worksheets explain how to determine if the reflection image of a figure is the same. I always like to start this unit by asking students to look at everyday objects in mirrors. It is really helpful for them.

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Reflection Images Lesson

This worksheet explains how to determine if the reflection image of a figure is the same. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.


Students will determine if the reflection of the image is the same as a given figure. Ten problems are provided.


Given a pair of figures, students will determine if the reflection image of a figure is the same. Ten problems are provided.

Skill Review

Students review how to determine if the reflection of a butterfly is the same as the other. A sample problem is solved.

Practice the Skill

Students are given six pairs of images. For each, they will determine if the reflection image are the same.

Reflection Quiz

Students will demonstrate their proficiency in determining their ability with this skill. Ten problems are provided.

Skills Check

Students will decide if the reflections are the same. Three problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.