These worksheets will teach your students how to identify and calculate different parts of parallelograms.

Parallelograms are four-side rectangular figures where the opposite sides are parallel. The opposite sides are equal in length, as are the angles contained inside that figure. Parallelograms are the type of quadrilateral with equal and parallel sides, and equal opposite angles. In the parallelogram ABCD, shown above has two parallel and equal opposites. AB is parallel to CD, and BC is parallel to AD. Properties of Parallelogram - The opposite sides of a parallelogram are also equal in length. In the figure shown above, side AD is parallel and equal to CD, and side BC is parallel and equal to AD. The opposite angles of a parallelogram measure the same. In the figure shown above, angle A is equal to angle C. Similarly, angle B is equal to angle D. The opposite sides of the parallelogram are also parallel to each other. In the figure shown above, the side AB is parallel to side CD and the side AD is parallel to side BC. The sum of the adjacent sides of the parallelogram is 180 degrees. In the figure shown above, angle A + angle B = 180, angle C + angle D = 180, angle B + angle C = 180, angle D + angle A = 180. Diagonals of the parallelogram bisect each other. In the figure shown below, diagonal AC bisects the diagonal BD.

Students will start be identifying parallelograms over this collection of worksheets. We will tip-toe you over to creating your own figures by completing the figures that are missing two lines. You will then be asked to construct a figure based on actual measurements. These worksheets explain how to scale shapes. Students will complete shapes (which will require a straight edge), identify parallel sides, determine whether given shapes that are needed, and more.

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Topic Lesson

This worksheet explains how to draw the missing side of a shape to complete it. A sample problem is solved.

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Lesson and Practice

This worksheets explains how to identify the two pair of parallel sides in a parallelogram. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.

Parallelograms Worksheet

Students will indicate whether or not the shapes are parallelograms. Ten problems are provided.

My Class Practice

Students will complete the parallelograms by drawing the missing set of parallel lines. Ten problems are provided.

Drill Worksheet

This sheet is blank after the directions. Complete the parallelograms by drawing lines parallel to the given lines.

Skill Warm Up

Students will draw the parallelograms indicated. Three problems are provided.