These worksheets teach students how to use coordinate pairs to draw a triangle or parallelogram.

How do you identify a parallelogram on a coordinate grid? Parallelogram is a shape that has four sides and they have two parallel pairs. Its opposite sides are equal and congruent including segments, angles. Consecutive angles of parallelogram are supplementary. We will say its bisected lines a diagonal of a parallelogram. Example problem- Draw parallelogram ABCD on graph with coordinates A(-7, 5), B(6, 5), C(4, -2), and D(-9, -2) in a coordinate plane. Prove one pair of sides is both parallel and congruent and show that ABCD is a parallelogram. If we talk about the parallelogram of the graph, we need to learn how to graph the coordinates. We will consider the first value in the parentheses as x to graph each point. Then, the value of x indicates you the right direction that is either you should go right or left. If the value is -ve, you will go left and in case of +ve value, you will move in a right direction. Then, you will consider second value as y. By y value, you will decide whether you should move up or down. You will go up if the value of y is -ve and down if the value of y +ve. Two sides of AB and CD segments are parallel and the spaces between A,B,C,D are the same in length. If we get both pairs with 13 spaces, it means that two sides are parallel and congruent. Hence, prove it is a parallelogram.

When you are given a parallelogram or a triangle on a coordinate system, you would be surprised with how much you can learn about points on that figure. You will be given three of four points or a rectangle and asked to find the fourth point and plot it. You will also examine the midpoints and intersection point of the line. We also introduce the concept of line joining. These worksheets explains how to find the missing points of a shape on a coordinate grid. Your students will use these activity sheets to learn how to use coordinate pairs to draw a triangle or parallelogram on a coordinate grid. Students will also be asked to find midpoints.

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Coordinate Grids Lesson

This worksheet explains how to find the missing points of a shape on a coordinate grid. A sample problem is solved.

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Points of a Parallelogram Lesson and Practice

This worksheet reviews how to work this skill it also shows you how to identify midpoints within a shape. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.

Triangle Points on Grids Worksheet

Each of the three points are vertices of either a rectangle or a parallelogram. Find the fourth point. Plot the figures.

Full on Grid Practice

Given coordinate points, students will complete the shape. Ten problems are provided.

On the Grids Drill

Students will start to master what is plotted on a coordinate grid. Eight problems are provided.

Warm Up Worksheet

Students will find complete each shape and complete each question. Three problems are provided.