The following worksheets teach your students to calculate requested values using sine, cosine, tangents, etc.

When we understand the trigonometry of right triangles we can literally find out every measure of the sides and angles of a triangle. If you were trying to build a ramp to the stairs of a building and you knew that your ramp has to reach 3 feet height, you could use trigonometry to decide how long your ramp needs to be. You can do this because the ramp is going to elevate to create a right triangle. When you diagram this and find the angle that your ramp will need to be to meet that height, everything else can be done through trigonometry.

These worksheets explains how to use the tangent of a given angle to solve for x. Your students will use these sheets to determine the value of requested variables by using the sine, cosine, tangents, etc. of given triangles. Some information, such as segment length or angle, is provided.

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Sin Value Lesson

This worksheet explains how to solve for the missing value of one side of a triangle. A sample problem is solved, and two practice questions are provided.

Sin Value Worksheet

Students will find the value of x using the tangent of the given angle. Ten questions are provided.

Practice Worksheet

We will put this skill to the test and see how many of those unknown angles we can figure out. Ten questions are provided.

Review and Practice

This worksheet reviews how to use the tangent of a given angle to solve for x. Six practice questions are provided.


Students will demonstrate their proficiency using known values to solve for x. Ten problems are provided.


Students will use the tangent of a given angle to solve for x. Space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.

When is Right Triangle Trigonometry Used in the Real World?

When it comes to solving triangles there are a variety of different ways to solve it and they ball lie under the umbrella of trigonometry. So, what is trigonometry? Well, it is a branch of mathematics which deals with relations between sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles. The trigonometric functions that connect sides of a triangle with angles includes; sin A= {opposite/hypotenuse}, cos A = ⁡ ⁡{Adjacent/hypotenuse}, tan ⁡A= ⁡{opposite/adjacent}. Then there are three others which includes cosec, sec, and cot, which are reciprocals of sin, cos, and tan, respectively. Finding a direct application in solving practical issues might not be very clear but there are several indirect applications of this mathematical branch. One dominant example is of computer music. Computers represent it mathematically by its constituent sound waves. Sound engineers need to be well-equipped with knowledge of the basics of trigonometry. Other applications include measure the height of a building or mountains, creation of video games, construction, flight engineering, archeology criminology, and several others.