These activity sheets will introduce your beginning geometry students to vertices and sides of shapes.

The vertices is a point where two (or more) line segments come together. These are also referred to as corners. When we are working with two-dimensional figures, a side is surrounded by two vertexes. Over this selection of worksheets and lessons we will learn how to count the number of vertices and sides of figures. The sheets are designed for students that are just beginning to learn geometry.

What Are Vertices and Sides of a Geometric Shape? There are two types of shapes in geometry: two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Two-dimensional shapes are the ones that have a length and a width, while three-dimensional shapes are the ones that have a length, width, and height. Regardless of the type, every shape has vertices, except for circles. So, what are vertices and sides of geometric shapes? A vertex of a shape in the corner formed at a point where the ends of the line segments of two or more faces meet. It refers to a single point, which is the location where edges are joined. Every corner in a geometric shape is a vertex. Every shape has a different number of vertices. Sides of a geometric shape is a line segment that joins two vertices. The side of a two-dimensional shape is called an edge in a three-dimensional shape. These worksheets explains how to draw a shape with the given number of sides and vertices. Students will use this knowledge to draw shapes with the stated number of each.

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Sides and Vertices Lesson

This worksheet explains how to draw a shape with the given number of sides and vertices. A sample problem is solved.

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Lesson and Practice

As we see in the question above the given figures have four sides and four vertices. A figure with four sides and four vertices is a quadrilateral (quad means four). A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.


Students will find the number of vertices and sides in each given figure. Ten descriptions are provided.


Students will look at each figure and determine defined measures about them. Ten problems are provided.


Students will draw a polygon based on a recipe that is provided for them. Eight problems are provided.

Warm Up

A starter or review worksheet for students to use as an entire class. Three problems are provided.