These worksheets teach your beginning students how to compare and order decimals, percentages, and fractions.

When you are comparing fractions, decimals, and percentages, it becomes a complicated affair. Especially considering that you have put all these parameters in a single form for efficient comparison. For instance, if you're comparing a percent and a fraction, write them as fractions or percent and then figure out which is greater. So, if you're given two values 45% and 4/5; which is the greater one? Let us first make the fraction into the percentage form. You only have to multiply the fraction with 100 to make it a percent value, i.e. 4/5×100. The answer is 80%, which is greater than 45%. However, if you have to convert a decimal to a percent, then the method is the same and so are other conversions as well.

When we are comparing multiple values that are expressed as a mix of decimals, fractions, and percents it is best to express all the values in the same form. I find it easiest to express everything as a decimal than we just need to compare place values. When you are converting a percentage to a decimal, just divide it by one-hundred. When you are converting a fraction to a decimal, just divide the numerator by the denominator. These worksheets explain how to compare and order decimals, percents, and fractions. It does hurt to have a calculator when doing these worksheets, but we understand if some teachers prefer not use calculators.

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Print Compare and Order Decimals, Percents and Fractions Worksheets

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Compare and Order Drill

Students will practice comparing and ordering decimals, percents, and fractions. Ten problems are provided.

Practice Worksheet

You will use symbols to form comparisons on the first five problems. The last five want you to order the values least to greatest. Ten problems are provided.


Much of the same that we have been working on you will be comparing a really mixed bag.

Skills Check

Use the skills you have learned to compare and order decimals, percents, and fractions. Ten problems are provided.

Independent Practice

Students will gain proficiency with these skills. Eight problems are provided.

Comparing and Ordering Decimals, Percents, and Fractions

This worksheet begins with an explanation of how to compare decimals, percents, and fractions. Two practice problems are included.

Which is Greater?

Students will compare two numbers and indicate which is greater. Ten problems are provided.

Find the Greater Value

Students must convert fractions or percentages to decimals in order to compare them. Students will indicate which number is greater.

Comparing Percents to Fractions

This worksheet explains how to compare percentages to fractions by converting them to decimals. Students will solve 6 problems by indicating which number is greater.

Which Number is Greater?

10 problems provide students with an opportunity to compare percentages to fractions. Students will convert both to decimals to compare.

Compared To and Convert Worksheet

This worksheet is an opportunity for students to practice converting percentages and fractions to decimals. Students will compare to numbers to find the greater value.