These activity sheets will help teach your beginning students to determine which numbers are greater.

On a number line, numbers consistently increment (become "progressively positive") to one side and lessening (become "increasingly negative") to one side. Numbers to the privilege are more noteworthy than numbers to one side, and numbers to one side are not as much as numbers to one side. To portray one number as not exactly another, we utilize the image "<. " To portray one number as more prominent than another, we utilize the image ">." To depict one number as equivalent to another, we utilize the image "=." To locate the number 2 more than - 3, we move two units to one side on the number line. In this way, the arrangement is - 1. Since - 3 is not exactly - 1, the arrangement is: - 3 < - 1.

When we compare values and one of the values is negative this often confuses students until they see it on a number line. Last week it was negative-eleven degrees outside. I mentioned to my daughter that the temperature has to go up over forty-four degrees for all the snow and ice to melt. He was so confused and I was reminded of how students have far from mastering this skills. In this collection of worksheets students will be given two values and just have to compare them with the math comparison symbols (>, <, or =). These worksheets explain how to compare negative numbers and rank them as greater than, less than, or equal. Numbers to compare may be positive, negative, or both.

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Print Comparing Negative Integers Worksheets

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Comparing Negative Integers Worksheet

Students will compare the numbers provided. Fifteen problems are provided.


Remember we are always pointing the arrow towards the smaller value.

Negatives Drill

Students will practice comparing negative integers and sometime positive values as well. Fifteen problems are provided.

Skill Check

Students will compare and rank each pair of numbers. Fifteen problems are provided.

Independent Practice

Students will gain proficiency comparing and ranking numbers as greater than, less than, or equal. Fifteen problems are provided.

Independent Practice Worksheet Two

Students will practice determining the differences between values. Fifteen problems are provided.