These worksheets will give your students a review in working with the rules of division.

What Are the Operation Rules of Division? With Respect to Division - Basics - We use the method of division as the inverse of multiplication. In division, we split a larger value into the smaller one and we call the little value is quotient. For example; we split the set of 8 boxes into 4 equal parts then, you will have 4 sets of 2 boxes. In mathematical expression; 8/4 = 2. Operation rules of divisions with negative numbers. In arithmetic, signs rules are same for all and similarly in division too such as; When we divide two positive number, the answer will be a positive number. When we divide one +ve and one -ve number, the answer will be negative one. By dividing two -ve values, we get positive number. In division, you will always have a positive sign when the dividend and the divisor contain the same sign. Understand this by mathematical expression mentioned below; 8 / (- 2) = - 4 and (- 8) / 2 = - 4. But, ( - 8 ) / ( - 2 ) = 4.

This section looks at how integer rules work with fractions and algebraic fractions that are undergoing a quotient operation. In many case, cross multiplication will be your best friend of all time. You will find the reciprocal of the second fraction and then just multiply. The key is to remember that you then multiply the numerators together and then the denominators together. These worksheets cover working with the rules of division. Questions cover solving fractions, converting between division and multiplication of fractions, positive and negative numbers, and more.

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Integer Operation Rules with Division Worksheets

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This goes over the very basics to remind students where they are with this skill. Solve the numerator first: (a - a = 0) Now, substitute the value of the numerator in the above expression Here, we substitute the value of (a - a)/p>

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Integer Operations Rules with Division Lesson and Practice

Students will practice working with the rules of division in a series of operations. A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.


Students will simplify each expression that is presented over the series of ten problems that are provided.


Change to multiplication; then simplify to find the quotient of these mixed values.

Skill Drill

Students will translate the sentences into mathematical expressions. Eight problems are provided.

Warm Up

Students demonstrate skill with working with the rules of division in an operation based setting. Three problems are provided.