These activity sheets give your kindergarten students practice in following directions by coloring simple pictures.

How do you teach counting through coloring? Do you often get troubled with counting, or is it your younger on who is facing a problem with counting? Well, there is no big deal, and counting in itself is not a complicated task. The first thing you need to do is to make children learn the numbers. Make them repeat the numbers over and over so that they know which number is which. The second step is that you place different objects in front of them and make them count with you. One of the simplest and the most effective method of learning to count by giving your children books with pictures that they can color. The more pictures they have the more they can color and for each image they are coloring ask them to count along. Ensure that they are saying the number out loud! Give them images of various objects so that they are excited to count!

We start this section off with basic coloring as you count objects. We then start working on the skill of sorting and determining value of counts. Two of sheets need to be printed in color, they make great overheads that you can cover and do as a whole classroom lesson. There are sheets in the section to allow students to work completely independently. Your students will use these worksheets to practice following directions by coloring a specified number of simple pictures according to the instructions. Please note that in some cases, student answers may vary.

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Counting Through Coloring Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Walkthrough Lesson

Students learn how to count using coloring. A sample problem is solved.

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Lesson and Practice

Students will color the number of items indicated. A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.

Color and Count Worksheet

Students will count and color. Ten problems are provided.

Independent Practice

Students will count and color the number of items indicated. Ten problems are provided.

Counting Drill

2 groups have been given in each case. Color the group which has 4 objects in it.

Warm Up

Color the specified number of objects in each case. The number has been given in the box on the right hand side.

Secondary Color Count Warm Up

Color the specified number of objects in each case. The number has been given in the box on the right hand side.

Color and Number: Lesson

Walks you through all the steps needed to get it done.

Color and Number: Worksheet 1

Match the shape to the color. Match the color to the number.

Matching - Sheet 2

Follow this set of directions to the T. They will pivot for each problem.

Color and Number: Review

Follow the key that is presented. Number 6 is equal to Light blue. Number 8 is equal to Pink. Number 1 is equal to Light green. Number 3 is equal to Aqua. Number 2 is equal to Tan.

Skill Review

Find the number and match it to the color in the sentence.


Yes, there is one last one in the bin for you to work on.

Quiz 1

See if that all sunk in for you.

Quiz 2

This really is page 2 of the quiz or you can make it a second quiz.

Do Now Worksheet

What's the right answer here for the matching sheet.

Meet the Skill

In the question the shape given has been colored pink. Now, we have to look for the number that is in the same color. Number 7 is in the same color i.e. pink, whereas number 3 is in green color. So we match the shape with the number 7.

Practice Matching Colors

The numbers aren't there to throw you off. It's more to make you focus on what is being asked.

Colored Objects

Ditch the numbers and surround the color with objects.

Practice the Skill Twice

Those pesky numbers are back.

Show the Skill

A list of colored numbers is given. Match the colored shape on the left with the correct number.

Warm Up

Match the shape with the color.