These activity sheets will give your kindergarten students practice in counting by drawing simple pictures.

How to Teach Counting Through Drawing Objects - When it comes to drawings, they can be of great help in both the building and understanding of the concepts. As they say, drawings and learning go hand in hand, and this is particularly true for kids. This is how your little one can have a quick boost to his/her memory. The visuals help the children to memorize and spot the numbers easily in a bunch of numbers. Have you ever seen number books? They always tend to play a great role in making things easier for the kids. A number book filled with colorful images and numbers leaves an impact on the minds of the children. Similarly, a number represented with drawings and images will from an impact on the minds of the youngsters. A drawing with each number it makes it easy for the youngsters to recognize the number and learn to count. With the addition of drawings in each number, the kids get an idea of how a number is added each time in the previous number to get the next number.

This is a free work assignment. Students will be told to draw objects from a set of specific directions. This is really fun for the kids because they can put their own unique spin on what the objects look like. There are review sheets to check the students for understanding. We also provide a quick quiz you can use with your students. These worksheets allow students to practice counting by drawing simple pictures according to the instructions. Instructors may decide whether the pictures must be colored in or not.

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Drawing to Count 1-10 Worksheets

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Counting by Drawing Lesson and Practice

Count the number of caps to be drawn. Then draw 3 of them.

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Students will draw a variety of items and groups to indicate a correct count. Ten problems are provided.


Students will draw and count according to the directions. Ten problems are provided.

Review and Practice

This worksheet reviews counting through the use of drawing. A sample problem is solved and six practice problems are provided.


Students demonstrate their proficiency with this skill and lets see how you do. Ten problems are provided.


Students will draw a numbered amount of suns, candies, and flowers. Three problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.