These activity sheets introduce your kindergarten students to symmetry by dividing simple pictures in half.

How do you teach the concept of half? An important concept that we must know in mathematics and our everyday lives is of halving a shape, object, or a quantity. Understanding this concept can ease out a lot of complicated problems in life. What is halving? Well, halving is the partitioning of a shape, object, or a quantity in two equal and identical parts. To half a geometrical shape, you just have to cut through the symmetrical axis. When you place the partitioned part on top of each other, they fit perfectly on top of each other. When it comes to halving numbers, you simply have to divide the quantity by 2. You multiply the quantity with the fraction to half it. Consider the following example; Example: Jonny had 50 cents and he wants to divide it equally among his two sons equally. What is the share that each of his sons will receive? You multiply 50 cents with and get the answer 25, this will be the share of each of John's son.

Without realizing it, we created the first topic of symmetry for your students. Students will be given an in each problem and be asked to break it into halves by drawing a simple line. In most cases, students will draw a simple vertical line. Many of these objects have both horizontal and vertical symmetry. A line can be drawn top-down or left-right for those objects. These worksheets explain symmetry by dividing pictures of common objects into equal halves. Please note that in some cases (i.e. objects are circular), student answers may vary.

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Half Worksheets

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Recognizing Half Lesson

Divide the given chocolate into two equal halves. Remember the two pieces must be of equal sizes; divide the chocolate into two parts, using a dotted line.

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Lesson and Practice

Divide the given rainbow into two equal halves by marching things in the exact middle.


Students will cut each item in half by drawing a line. Ten problems are provided.


Divide the following objects into two equal halves. Cross out the objects that cannot be divided.

Skill Drill

Divide the objects into two equal halves, color one half.

Half Warm Up

Students demonstrate this skill by working with images. Three problems are provided.