These activity sheets will give your kindergarten students practice in counting objects and identifying numbers.

How do you match a number to the amount of a group of objects? A pre-number learning concept that helps children in identifying objects is the concept of classification. The interesting thing about classifying is that it can be done with or without the involvement of the numbers. It is not only a mathematical concept. For example; separating objects into a distinct group, such as the same color t-shirts, and same color balls. Before children move forward, they need to learn how to sort and classify the objects before they come across problems like these. Classifying and sorting is the act of placing things that are the same or similar in a category. Grouping them requires them having some specific traits and attributes. For example, animals can be grouped or classified based on their nature or type. You can have your kids classify anything including from toy cars, balls, toy animals, leaves and books to plates and spoons. You can expose your children to a variety of opportunities to let them classify the objects. Grouping can also be done on the basis of the same color, big/small and long/short.

Integers will be freely provided for students to match the number of items of a group to. At first we start with a one-to-one number-object match. We move further on to match whole sets of objects to complete sets of integers. We tried to keep the objects to less than eleven to allow students a great success rate. These worksheets provide practice exercises on counting simple drawings of different objects and choosing the number that correctly matches the group by drawing a line between the two.

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Number Matching Worksheets

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Number Match to Items Lesson

Write the number of the items in the given group. In the group there are six items, therefore we match the group of items to the number 6 among the choices given in the boxes.

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Lesson and Practice

Students will count and match to the correct number. A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.


Students will count objects and identify the correct number by drawing a line to the number. Ten problems are provided.

Practice Sheet

Some of these are crazy easy, some of these will take two looks through. Ten problems are provided.


Draw a line from the numbers given in the box to the group that has same number of items.

Class Warm Up

Students demonstrate skill in simple counting skills and match the value that is in each group. Three problems are provided.

Lesson and Practice Page 1

Draw a line from the numbers given in the box to the group that has same number of items. Count the numbers of objects. Draw a line from the objects to the matching number.

Lesson and Practice Page 2

Students will work on this skill to the highest level. Two practice problems are provided.

My Worksheet

This one is really cool because the numbers that you need to match to are located in the middle of the worksheet.

My Worksheet 2

Same sheet as a above, but we get just a bit more colorful.

Match Review and Practice Page 1

This worksheet reviews how to match the series of numbers to the selection of items that are available.

Practice Page 2

This worksheet reviews how to work on the premise of this topic in full. Six practice problems are provided.

Your Quiz

Students demonstrate their proficiency in the topic of this area. Ten problems are provided.

Skills Check

Students will count the various pictures and match them to the correct number of items in the matching choices. Three problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.