These activity sheets will give your kindergarten students practice in choosing shapes that complete patterns.

You have seen railway tracks, haven't you? Remember how they are so methodically placed after one and another? And they never interlap, right? This placement, an order with no interlays, is known as a sequence. Similar to that, in mathematics, there is a whole technique that is known as missing patterns. The idea of missing patterns is that there are missing patterns in images that you need to fill by using your brain! Just like when you used to play hangman! So, how do you understand what number comes after which? It is relatively simple! You need to make sure that first, you take a look at the picture carefully, and figure out the pattern that the sequence has used. Once you have understood what pattern is being used, it becomes easier. For example, if you know that in the picture, the six-time tables is being followed, you can quickly fill in the gaps. But if you don't know what number has to come next, take a look at the images provided and carefully try to figure out what number comes before. Repeat the process in your head. Then look at the question again. Start taking the missing blanks one by one; you will solve easily!

You will be given a sequence of shapes in a row. Your job is to find some type of pattern based on the relative position of the shapes. You will then be asked what shape comes next. This can be predicted by using the first three of four image sequences. When you are processing these patterns it is always great to write numbers for what you see to help you make predictions. Your students will use this collection of worksheets to practice identifying the shape that completes a simple pattern. Numbering the patterns on each worksheet should help you identify each sequence.

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Shape Pattern Prediction Worksheets

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Shape Pattern Prediction Independent Practice

Students will review the pattern and predict which shapes will be next. Six problems are provided.

Pattern Prediction Worksheet

Students will predict the next two shapes in the sequence. Six problems are provided.

What Comes Next Practice

Students will determine what comes next in simple pattern sequences. Six problems are provided.

Prediction Drill

Students will select the shapes that continue the pattern sequence. Six practice problems are provided.

Skill Check

Students demonstrate their proficiency in continuing a sequence of patterns. Six problems are provided.

Patterns Check

You will be tasked with circling and coloring the shape that continues the pattern that is given for each problem.