The following activity sheets will give your students practice in reading simple barometer scale measurements.

The barometer was actually a product of an experiment that was trying to prove that natural vacuums were real. This led us to learn more about atmospheric pressure. This why barometric and atmospheric pressure are one in the same. When I explain this concept to students I always start with explaining the pressure of water that a submarine experiences as it dives. The deeper the sub goes, the more water that is over top of it, pushing down on it. Once kids grasp that, I quickly transition to atmospheric pressure. Just switch air and various gases with the water medium and there you have it.

Your students will use these worksheets to practice reading barometer measurements. Scales are presented as tic marks between whole numbers, and answers will include decimals. Answers should be presented "in Hg."

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Reading Barometers Worksheets

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Barometer Measurements Worksheet

Students will practice reading a barometer. Nine problems are provided.

Barometer Measurements Practice

Students will read each barometer. Nine problems are provided.

Barometer Measurements Drill

Students will determine the measurement of each barometer. Nine problems are provided.