The following activity sheets will give your students an introduction to calculating percentages with decimals.

Finding the percentage of a decimal value is extremely easy, and yet there is a buzz among students that it is difficult. The procedure of finding the percentage of any decimal value requires practice. It is often used by students all around the world is estimating their grades after annual examinations. For converting any decimal into a percent, the first thing that you need to do is multiply the decimal value by 100 and then add the % sign at the end of it. The easiest way to multiply by 100 is by moving the decimal point to two places on the right. Try doing it with some examples: 1. What percent of a dollar are 76 cents? $1.00 = 1.0. 76 cents = .76. Solution: 76% of the dollar is 76 cents. The solution to the problem above shouldn't come as a surprise. The reason being dollars, cents and percentages are all based on the number 100. 2. For other complex problems where the numbers are: 0.1958, 0.007, 0.05623 and 0.071362 are 19.58%, 7%, 5.623% and 7.1362%.

Moving between decimal and percentage form is just a move of the decimals two places. A percentage is based on the ratio value over 100. This means that if you have 25% it is equal to 25/100 or 0.25 (in decimal form). As you can see a percentage to a decimal is just a move of the decimal place two places to the left. You guessed it, to change from decimal to a percentage just move the decimal two places to the right. These worksheets explain how to calculate percentages that include decimals and convert between percentage and decimals. Students will also convert between percentages, fractions, and decimals, and solve for missing variables in equations.

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Converting Percents to Decimals Worksheets

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Percent of a Number Lesson

This worksheet explains how to calculate: 120% of 1200. For calculating percent of a number first we have to change percent into decimal. Then, where ever we see the word "of" in the word problem, that mean we have to multiply above obtained decimal number by the given number. Change 120% into decimal number by dividing the number by 100. Multiply the number by percentage fraction.

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Lesson and Practice

Students will review how to find the specified percentage of each given number. A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.


Students will work forward and backwards on this skill. Ten problems are provided.


These ten exercises will start to look familiar and will make your program much more advanced.


Students develop skills in finding the specified percentage of each given number. Eight problems are provided.

Warm Up

This is a nice way to ease into this skill as an entire teacher lead class. You can also use it as a skill review, if you have seen it before.

Decimal Percentages of Numbers Worksheet

You will start to find decimal based percentages of values that are in decimal form to the tenths.


We continue on with these types of problems. Example: What is 64.7% of 22.4?


You will find percentage values of whole and decimal values. Ten problems are provided.

Percents and Decimals Lesson

This worksheet explains how to find the number that is described by the math statement: 12 hundredths of 125 people. A sample problem is solved.

Lesson and Practice

First change the percents to decimals. Then solve the equations.

Mental Math Worksheet

We will apply the skill of find percentages of numbers in a round and mental math environment. Ten problems are provided.

Real World Word Problem Practice

You will apply these skills to real world problems like: Mary ate dinner at a restaurant. The bill came to $28. If she left a 10% tip, how much was the tip?


Change percents to decimals, or vice versa. Eight problems are provided.

Warm Up

Students will demonstrate their ability to convert between percents and decimals. Three problems are provided.

Percentages to Decimals Worksheet

Describe these percentage values as a decimal. Ten problems are provided.


We go in the opposite direction now and practice converting percentages to decimals. Ten problems are provided.

Percentages to Fractions and Decimals Worksheet

Students will fill convert given percentages to both fractions and decimals. Ten problems are provided.

Practice Sheet

We get back to basics with this practice sheet.

Yet More Practice

We will express values to the nearest tenth when we convert them. Ten problems are provided.

Percent of Number (to Tenth) Worksheet

We will convert whole number values to a fractional percentage of themselves. Ten problems are provided.

Percent of Number Worksheet

Students will determine the value of the specified percent of each number. Ten problems are provided.


Students will practice and review all of the skills that we have explored here. Ten problems are provided.