These activity sheets give your students a review of plotting polynomial equations onto coordinate graphs.

Graphing polynomials is not as difficult as students presume it to be. It is very simple. Polynomials are equations with constants, variables, arithmetic operations, equals-to sign, and exponents. Start by finding the y-intercept. To do this, you need to substitute x with 0 and find the corresponding value of y. The next step is to find the x-intercept. To do this, you substitute the value of y with 0 and find the corresponding value of x. The next step is to find the end behavior. Bring the function into the standard form and examine the leading term. The end behavior describes the behavior of a function's graph at the "ends" of the x-axis. The final step is to sketch the graph.

We will often graph polynomials to understand the nature of the system or process we are studying or exploring. You can solve most of this in seven quick steps. Start by finding the overall degree of the function. You can find the degree by adding all of the exponents in the equation. If a value does not have an exponent, it is considered to be one. The second step is to determine the overall sign of the function (is it positive or negative)? You then find all the zeroes for the function and determine your y intercept. You can then plop digits in there and see what values you end up with. These worksheets explain how to plotting polynomial equations onto coordinate graphs to find roots, zeroes, and estimate solutions. Though examples and formulas are presented, students should already be familiar with this material.

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Graphing Polynomials Worksheets

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This worksheet explains the skill top to bottom. Step 1: Analyze the graph carefully. Step 2: The intersection points of the graph on the x-axis are the real roots of the equation. Step 3: There is one root on the equation. Step 4: The answer is: one real root. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.

Graphing Polynomials Worksheet

Students will focus on the roots of the equations and estimate the solution of an equation based on what is presented on a graph. Ten problems are provided.

Roots Practice

Students will practice breaking down the roots of a graphed polynomial equation. Ten problems are provided.

Review Page 1

The concept of how to find the roots from the graph of an equation is set up here. A sample problem is solved.

Review Page 2

The concepts that are explored on this page will cover pretty much everything this topic has to offer. Six practice problems are provided.


Students will demonstrate their proficiency with this topic. Ten problems are provided.


You will pull these things apart and make sense of all the components. Three problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.