The following activity sheets teach your students how to convert word problems into polynomial equations.

A polynomial word problem is one that has two or more algebraic expressions. In a polynomial expression, the same variable has different powers. If you add one term to another term, the expression that you get as a result will also be a polynomial. This applies to all the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In other words, a polynomial is an expression that has variables (also known as coefficients and indeterminates) that involves only the basic operations in mathematics, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication, and non-negative integer of variables. For instance, the term of a single variable is x2 - 4x + 7. Another example of having three variables is x3 + 2xyz2 - yz + 1. Polynomials are used in many areas of science and mathematics. An example is application that include several problems that range from elementary word problems to complex scientific problems. These are the basic things that you should know about solving these types of exercises.

These types of problems come up often in science and engineering scenarios. The most common problem in this realm always involves a ladder that touches a house. You either have to figure how tall of a ladder you will need or how far back from the house the ladder touches the ground. This can all be done through right-triangle geometry. This is because the point at which the ladder touches house has an angle below it that is sure to be a right angle. Your students will use these worksheets to learn how to convert word problems into polynomial equations. Problems are real-world questions about area, total cost, elapsed time, etc. Many expressions must be simplified.

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Polynomial Word Problems Worksheets

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Section Lesson

This worksheet explains how to convert word problems into polynomial equations. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.

Student Practice Worksheet

Students will convert word problems into polynomial equations. Ten problems are provided.

Polynomial Word Problems Practice

Example problem: On a race day, David gives Jim a 80 meter head start. After t seconds, Jim is a distance 7t + 80 from the starting line and David is a distance of 8t from the starting line. How far ahead of David is Jim after t seconds?


The concept of how to convert word problems into polynomial equations is reviewed. A sample problem is solved and six practice problems are provided.

Topic Quiz

Students will demonstrate their proficiency with problems like this: Your father ordered some items. If c represents the cost of one chart and p is the cost of one pencil. Write an expression for the total cost of 8 charts and 10 pencils.

Full Section Check

Students will check their skill at converting word problems into polynomial equations. Three problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.