These worksheets will teach your pre-k students how to group items based on given criteria.

How to teach students to sort objects - Math is not necessarily tough and difficult at all times, sometimes, its really fun and interesting to play with. Do you know what sorting is? Let's find out! Sorting comes from the word sort, which means to place objects with regard to similar objects. In very plain words, it means organizing. We all know what objects are, right? And today we focus on sorting objects. Sorting objects is pretty easy, especially when it comes to objects. You start by creating different groups, for example if you have color pencils, you can create a group for each color and place every objects as per the color they have the most dominant. You can also sort them on the basis of their sizes, for example, place all the big ones in one, and small ones in another. Objects can also be organized on the basis of weight, place all the heavy ones in one group and lighter ones in another.

Many teachers and instructors overlook the importance of teaching students sorting skills. It is often see as a task focused on finding key differences or similarities between the items that are being sorting. My feeling is that this skill is paramount because it helps you easily organize whatever system you are exploring. Sorting things within that system helps you instantly realize the nature of the system itself. These worksheets explain how to group items together based on criteria such as where they live, a common color, if they are edible, etc.

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Same and Different Worksheets

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Red and Round Lesson

Draw a red box around the things that are round and red. The first object is round in shape but white in color. Second object is also round but black and white in color. The third is neither round nor red in color. Fourth is both round and red in color. So, draw a box around the fourth object. Now, in second row, the first object is green in color and not round. The second object is round but blue in color. The third object is round and red both. So, draw a box around it. Fourth is red in color , but not round.

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Lesson and Practice

Draw a box around the objects that are green in color The first object is green in color. Second object is not green in color. The third object is green in color. The fourth object is also green in color.


Students will group items together based on specified criteria. Ten problems are provided.


Students will practice identifying things that can be eaten or should be eaten. Ten problems are provided.


Draw a red box around the objects that can fly. Eight problems are provided.

Warm Up

Underline ten objects that can move from one place to another on their own. Three problems are provided.

What Lives in Water?

Draw a red box around the creature that lives in water.