The following activity sheets teach your students how to rewrite equations using the distributive property.

To distribute something means to: divide something, give a share, or a part of something. The distributive property says, The answer to the multiplication of two or more addends sum with any number will be the same when we multiply addends separately by any number and then add the value with each other. Let's see the example below how answers remain the same mathematically with or without distributive property. ( 5 + 7 + 3 ) × 4, 15 × 4, 60, OR, ( 5 + 7 + 3 ) × 4, 5 × 4 + 7 × 4 + 3 × 4, 60. We can simplify complicated problems by distributive property. We use the distributive property to write the value again. We will distribute a factor as a sum or difference of two numbers. For example, you can simplify 8 × 27 by splitting 27 into 20 + 7. The distributive property of multiplication over addition: 8 × ( 20 + 7 ), 8 × 20 + 8 × 7. The distributive property of multiplication over subtraction: 8 × ( 30 – 3 ), 8 × 30 – 8 × 3, 240 - 4 = 216.

The distributive property applies to multiplication operations. It allows you break a large problem into smaller pieces. Did you ever have to carry a large number of items that all fit in a single bag? Would it not be helpful if you could split those contents over two bags? Using two bags is exactly what this property does for us when we are solving problems. The concept of the distributive property displays the balance in math and that of the equals sign. You can do what ever you want in math as long as you do the same to each side of the equals sign.

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Distributive Property Worksheets

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Rewrite using your knowledge of distribution by rewriting values.

Worksheet 1

In most cases you will just need to express the concept of a product.

Worksheet 2

Take your actions and work off of those order of operations.

Review Sheet

Practice this skill by completing the problems.


These ten problems will test where you are at with this.

Warm Up

See what your students know and build off of it.

Rewrite using Properties - Meet the Skill

Rewrite this equation: (1 + 6)/3 =using the distributive property. We walk you through all steps.

Try the Skill

We apply the correct property (a + b)/c = a/c + b/c, to rewrite a problem.

Practice the Skill

Work on the right method for attacking this series of problems.

Practice the Skill Twice

Products mixed in with quotients all over the place.

Show the Skill

What's the point of multiplying and then dividing the same thing. They cancel one another out.

Warm Up

Do you get the phrase in problem #1?

A Quick Lesson

Carefully look at the picture given. Write two expressions for the total area of the picture. Here, first part of the picture is a square and side of this square is m.

Try the Skill

Start by removing the parentheses (or brackets) in an expression. Multiply the value outside the brackets with each of the terms in the brackets.

Practice the Skill

Fill in the blanks for these examples of using the distributive property.

Practice the Skill Twice

Work through your operations and fill out the problems.

Show the Skill

A little addition here and a few fractions to send your head spinning.

Warm Up

Write two expressions for the total area based on the pictures given below.