In these worksheets, students will learn to decrease a value by a given percentage.

What is a Percent Proportion? In the past, we had to apply the properties of equality to solve percent equations. We used to solve equations throughout this text. Some people prefer to use the proportion method to solve percent problems. In this equation, a percent is equal to the equivalent ratio. Example : 60% = 60/100. We divide 60 by 100 because % = 100. Simplify, 60/100 = 3/5 -> (1). Eq (1) a percent equal to an equivalent ratio this means it is a percent proportion. We are using the vocabulary that we used before: Amount/base = percent/100 or 3/5 = 60/100. If you want to set up the proportion easily, you have to restate the problem in the words of a proportion. If the percent value is 100, the amount will be the base. We could also say; Percent out of 100 and the amount out of the base are the same. It is the main practice that you can translate into a percent proportion. Later, we solve the proportion of problems.

Your students will learn to set up equations in order to find the answer to a problem. There are two methods of solving this series of problems. Students will learn to use the proportion method (cross multiplication). They will also learn to use the multiplication method to determine the value of a percentage (convert the percentage to a decimal and multiply). Real world word problem themes include discounts, budgets, and classroom scenarios. This set of worksheets contains step-by-step solutions to sample problems, both simple and more complex problems, a review, and ample worksheets for students to practice and develop skills independently. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to decrease the value of a number by a given percentage. These worksheets explain how decrease the value of a number by a given percentage. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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Using Percent Proportion Worksheets

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Using Percent Proportion Lesson

This worksheet explains how to determine a new value based on fixed downturn in value. A sample problem is solved.

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Lesson and Practice

Students will review how to find the value of a number decreased by a given percentage. A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.

Using Percent Proportion Worksheet

Students will solve word problems involving percentages. Example: In class A, 15 out of the 30 students are girls, and in class B, 24 out of the 40 students are girls. Which class has a higher percentage of girls? Ten problems are provided.


We will tackle a fixed set of word problems. For example: In class A, 22 out of the 34 students are girls, and in class B, 6 out of the 11 students are girls. Which class has a higher percentage of girls? Ten problems are provided.


We will start with basic decrease in value problems and then move on to story based exercises. For example: An item was discounted by $3.50 and that was a 13% discount. What was the original price? Eight problems are provided.

Warm Up

This is an excellent way to expose students the basic concepts that we explore in this topic. Three problems are provided.