In these worksheets, students will learn to recognize what a parabola will look like on a graph when given its equation.

A ratio is a comparison of two quantities. A proportion, which is an equation with a ratio on each side, states that two ratios are equal.Many people often interchangeably use the terms 'ratios' and 'proportions.' These two terms are different. Ratios are a way to compare two quantities through division. Proportions on the other hand are form of equations that shows that two ratios are equal. Many students find it difficult to solve proportions. However, solving proportions is not that complex. Let us discuss different methods to solve proportions. The first one that we are going to talk about is the diagonal method, or the cross-product method. if a/b=c/d then ad=bc. The other two methods to solve proportions are vertical and horizontal. When using the vertical method, you need to know whether the numerator and denominator are related to each other through multiplying or dividing by a specific number. When solving horizontally, the numerators of both ratios are related to each other through multiplication or division by a specific number.

In these worksheets, your students will solve proportions algebraically (use cross multiplication method to solve for a variable in order to complete a proportion). They will write ratios in their simplest form. They will also create proportions from a given set of numbers. This set of worksheets contains how-to lessons, step-by-step solutions to sample problems, both simple and more complex problems, and reviews. It also includes ample worksheets that can be used for independent practice. Problems are provided at both the basic skills and the intermediate skills levels. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to recognize, create, and simplify proportions. These worksheets explain how to complete proportions. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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Solving Proportions Worksheets

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Solving Proportion Basic Skills Worksheet

Students will analyze a series of proportions to find the missing value. Ten problems are provided.


Students will use basic skills to find the value of x. Ten problems are provided.

Intermediate Skills Worksheet

Students will use intermediate skills to solve for unknown values within proportions.

Intermediate Skills Practice

The intermediate skills revolves around using large numbers, but we are still following the same procedure.

Intermediate Skills Drill

You will work through another complete series of problems.

Ratio in Algebraic Form Worksheet

Find the value of n that completes each ratio for all the exercises.

Algebraic Form Practice

You can also use this like a game that two students can play with. Three correct answers in a row or column wins.

Create a Proportion Worksheet

Students will write each set of numbers as a proportion. There are a string of four digits to work off of.


You will shape this stream of data into a fixed pair of equivalent proportions.

Ratio in Simplest Form Worksheet

You will get practice reducing proportions which really helps with this skill.


Students will write ratios in their simplest form.


To find out the value of x, cross multiply the given values. Reorder the terms for easy multiplication.

Lesson and Practice

Students will solve proportions for the variables. A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.

The Quest Worksheet

You will solve for the missing variables and write them in the right column.

Practice Worksheet

Students will practice solving proportions for the variables.

Solving Drill

A very familiar set of skills is worked on here in this drill sheet.

Skill Warm Up

This sheet can be used to work on this skill as a classroom. Let the students complete it and have them compare there answer and strategy used with the proper form and final answer.