In these worksheets, students will learn to recognize what a parabola will look like on a graph when given its equation.

What are the Powers of i? There is a wide variety of numbers in math. We come across real numbers, whole numbers, integers, complex numbers, and imaginary numbers. Out of these, imaginary numbers are those that are written with ‘iota,' represented by ‘i.' When learning about imaginary numbers, we come across the property of iota that is; i2= -1, i= √(-1). While every student is aware of this but not many know how to tackle the higher power of iota. But we are here to help you. We can use the property of iota to work out the higher powers. For instance, you must work out the value of i3. What you need to do here is break this using the property of iota. You can write this as; i3 = i2. i=-1.i=i. You see how we used the property of iota to work out the higher powers. Let us take another example here. What is the value of i4. We can split this into i2. i2 = (-1).(-1) = 1. This is how you work out the powers of iota.

In these worksheets, your students will work with the imaginary unit i. There are 6 worksheets in this set. Prior knowledge of complex numbers and trigonometry is a prerequisite for students to be able to understand these worksheets. Students will simplify expressions that include the Power of i. Expressions to be simplified span all four basic mathematical operations. This set of worksheets contains step-by-step solutions to sample problems, both simple and more complex problems, a review, and a quiz. It also includes ample worksheets for students to practice independently. Most worksheets contain between eight and ten problems. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to simplify mathematical expressions that include the Power of i. These worksheets explain how to use the Powers of i. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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Powers of i Worksheets

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Powers of i Lesson

This worksheet explains how to use these concepts to simplify expressions. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.


You will work with using the powers of i to simplify math statements. Ten problems are provided.


Students will practice using the Powers of i to simplify expressions. Ten problems are provided.

Review and Practice

This review will work you down through the three steps to solve this problem: Simplify: i50 + i12 + i60. Step 1: If 50 is divided by 4, the remainder is 2 - the value is -1. Step 2: If 12 is divided by 4, the remainder is 0 - the value is 1. Step 3: If 60 is divided by 4, the remainder is 0 - the value is 1


Students will demonstrate their proficiency in using the powers of i to better state an expressions. Ten problems are provided.


These expressions will be broken down in a setting to help you make the best techniques. Three problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.