In these worksheets, students will solve word problems involving area and perimeter.

Students often get these two concepts confused and end up naming the value of one the value of the other. Perimeter is the easier concept of the two with regards to geometric shapes. Perimeter of any shape is just the complete length of the sides of the shape. You simply add up all the sides. Area is on the other hand is the amount of space a shape inhabits. A good example of this would be a soccer field that is surrounded by fencing of some sort. The perimeter would be the length of the fence that encompasses the grass field, all the way around. The area would be a measure of the grass field that is found within the fence. In just about every form of building and construction understanding how to calculate these two measures is a critical task, to put it mildly. Your students will learn to turn word problems involving area and perimeter into diagrams in order to visualize them and equations in order to solve them. They will learn how to divide irregular shapes into multiple regular and familiar shapes to make the problems easier to understand and to solve. Shapes include both quadrilaterals and circles.

This set of worksheets contains step-by-step solutions to sample problems, both simple and more complex problems, as well as worksheets for students to practice their skills. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to solve basic word problems requiring them to find the area and/or perimeter of a shape. These worksheets explain how to solve word problems involving area and perimeter. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided. Some problems may require students to create their own diagrams in order to visualize the problem, so additional blank paper may be required.

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Perimeter and Area Word Problems Worksheets

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Perimeter and Area Problems Lesson

I need to buy enough fencing to go all around my garden as shown in the figure. How many meters of fencing will I need? The given figure is not a complete square, rectangle, circle etc. As a result. we can’t apply any specific formula to calculate the needed fencing. To calculate the fencing we will divide the figure into two rectangles.

Lesson and Practice

Danny goes to the store to get an LCD display. He looks at different varieties and different sizes of LCDs. Find which one is cheapest in cost per square inches.

Problems Worksheet

A rectangle whose side is 16 meters and 28 meters is divided into four equal parts along the mid points of the sides. Find the cost of one part at $23.35 per meter2?

Problems Practice

These are great problems that are determining values related to a yard and fence. What part of the yard will be made by the two half circles?

The Skill Drill

Tom goes to market to get wooden sheets for his home. He surveys different varieties and sizes. He makes a compassion table between them. Which type of wooden sheet is most expensive per square inch?

Class Warm Up

A farm is divided into two parts by its owner. Find cost of fencing the farm at $3.15 per meter?