In these worksheets, students will learn to solve word problems involving division.

The first step to solving any story-based problem is first to identify the operations that will be required to form a solution. There are some common keywords that will indicate that quotient is required. The common words and phrases we see that indicate this are: average, per, out of, ratio of, percent, equal pieces, or split. If a word problem requires us to find a quotient this means that is either be shared or grouped in some way. You will often find problems that include solutions with remainders. That is normally indicated by the words: remaining or left, in most of the problems we see. Your students will do division to solve simple word problems. Problems range from the very basic, introductory level (no remainders), to the intermediate level (with remainders), and subject matter includes both money problems and real-world situations (dividing numbers of items into equal and unequal groups). Some worksheets include only problems that involve remainders.

This set of worksheets contains step-by-step solutions to sample problems, both simple and more complex problems, a review, and a quizzes. Independent practice worksheets are also provided at the basic for the students to practice rudimentary skills, so that they can master the fundamentals of understanding and solving a division word problem. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to solve both basic and intermediate word problems involving division. Answer keys have been provided for the set for instructors. The set consists of multiple pages, and some worksheets are two pages long, so be sure that you have printed all of them. These worksheets explain how to solve word problems involving division. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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Division Word Problems Worksheets

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Division Word Problems Lesson

This worksheet explains how to do simple division to solve real-world word problems. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.


Harry has 90 chairs. He arranges them equally in 9 rows. How many chairs are there in each row?


A shop had 80 dresses. They sold all the dresses in 10 days. Each day how many dresses were sold assuming an equal numbers of dresses were sold each day?


Anthony has $500. A water tank cost $25. How many water tanks can he buy?


50 computers cost $16,000. How much did each computer cost?


147 guests came to attend a function. They sat in 7 rows .How many guests were there in each row?

Word Problems with Division Lesson

An order of jelly beans contains 70 jelly beans. If each bag can hold 14 jelly beans, how many bags of jelly beans are needed?

Lesson and Practice

Adams caught 48 fish. If he makes 8 equal groups, how many fish will there be in each group?

Problems with Remainders Lesson and Practice

13 friends are going to Zoo. A ticket can carry 4 people in. How many tickets do they need?

Word Problems with Division Worksheet Page 1

32 peoples are going to a club. A taxi can carry 6 people. How many taxis do they need?

Page 2

32 boys are going on an outing. A bike can carry 2 people. How many bikes do they need?

Word Problems with Division Practice Page 1

19 liters of oil are carried by a train. A tanker can carry 4 liters of oil. How many tankers do they need?

Page 2

32 boys are going to the bus stand. A cab can carry 6 boys. How many cabs do they need?

Word Problems with Division Review Page 1

19 friends are going to the beach . A truck can carry 11 friends. How many trucks do they need?

Review Page 2

25 people are going to a party. A car can carry 3 people. How many cars do they need?

Word Problems with Division Quiz Page 1

6 people are going to court. A jeep can carry 3 people. How many jeeps do they need?

Word Problems with Division Quiz Page 2

These worksheet carries on from the previous version.

Word Problems with Division Check

How many boats, cantors, autos do they need?

Skills Worksheet

A paper factory needs to ship an order for 72 sheets of yellow paper. The factory will put 9 sheets in each box. How many boxes will the paper factory need to use?

Division Word Problem Skills Practice

There are 81 stray dogs at the animal shelter. If they make 9 equal groups, how many dogs will be in each group?

Another Great Skills Drill

1 If Harry has $84 in his pocket and each toy costs $17, how many toys can he buy?

Warm Up

Lance checked 36 library books. If he makes 3 equal groups, how many books will be in each group?

How to Work with Remainders Lesson

This worksheet explains how to determine which consecutive integers have a given sum. A sample problem is solved.

Remainders Lesson and Practice

17 farmers are going to the village. A cart can carry 3 farmers. How many carts do they need?

Practice with Remainders Worksheet

Get everyone where they need to go.

More with Remainders Practice

Do you have these types of problems when you call for an Uber?

Problems with Remainders Drill

There are 31 pencils. A box can carry 9 pencils. How many boxes do they need?

Exercises with Remainders Warm Up

There are 23 birds. A cage can contain 8 birds. How many cages do they need?