In these worksheets, students will write and solve equations to answer simple word problems.

When approaching a math word problem there is process, we encourage students to follow. Start by reading everything. Many times, students will just look for the number portion of problem and negate the actual question. Get in the habit of calmly giving it a read through. I would then identify what the question is asking me for and what the possible solution would look like. I would do this by circling and numbers that you might use and cross out any information that does not relate to the solution. Many times, word problems will have filler information that does not relate to what the solution is. I would then start to draw a model of what is going on and label everything that I could. From there I begin to formulate my answer and make sure the final answer is in the proper units of measure.

Your students will write and solve equations to answer both simple and more complex word problems. This set of worksheets includes word problems that require all four basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Problems are at both the basic and intermediate levels, and subject matter includes both money problems and real-world situations (making change, dividing into groups, figuring with fractions, etc.). This set of worksheets contains introductory lessons, step-by-step solutions to sample problems, and a variety of different practice problems, including worksheets with only a few problems that can be used as classroom warm-ups. Some worksheets contain problems that each require different mathematical operations (mixed word problems), so that students develop proficiency across a range of problem types in a single setting. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to solve word problems at the basic and intermediate levels. These worksheets explain how to write and solve equations to answer both basic and intermediate-level word problems. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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Elementary Word Problem Worksheets

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Intermediate Word Problems Lesson

There are 7 flowers in a vase. Hannah took away 5 of them. How many flowers were left in the vase?

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Intermediate Word Problems Lesson and Practice

Last week, Alex worked for 2 hours, Nathans worked for 4 hours, and Sam worked 3 hours. How many hours did they work altogether?


There are 10 books in the rack. I took 6 books from the rack. How many books are left in the rack now?


The price of a toy car is $2 and the price of a toy motorbike is $6. What is the difference between the prices of the 2 vehicles?


The doctors at City Hospital drank 9 cups of tea yesterday. They drank 5 cups in the morning. How many did they drink in the evening?

Warm Up

You visit the pet shop. You see some kittens. You observe that 3 are brown and 1 is black. How many kittens are there in the shop?

Mixed Word Problems Lesson

Jack played baseball for 8 hours on Saturday, and hockey for 7 hours on Sunday. How many hours did he play altogether?

Lesson and Practice

Students will review how to solve word problems involving a variety of mathematical operations and subjects (fractions, decimals, etc.). A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.


Olivia loves collecting small stuffed animal toys. She has 12 ducks and 7 goats. How many animals does she have in her collection?


Mr. Anderson is 30 years old. His son is 25 years younger than him. How many years old is his son at present?


Daniel borrowed 16 books from the school Library. He returned 5 books yesterday and 7 books today. How many books does he still have?

Warm Up

Lauren has 8 gallons of fuel in her car. Her fuel tank has a capacity of 19 gallons. How many gallons are needed to fill the fuel tank?

More Lesson

A bus travels from town A to town B. It leaves town A at 6.30 a.m. The journey takes 7 h 30 min. At what time would the bus arrive in town B?

More Lesson and Practice

Cole's weekly allowance is $35. He spends $5.13 to buy a toy. How much of his allowance is left?

More Worksheet

William and Emily collect stickers. William has 386 stickers and Emily has 725 stickers. How many more stickers does Emily have than William?

More Practice

Lily bought a hat and a pair of shoes, and she paid a total of $52.30 for the items. If the pair of shoes cost $35.20, how much did the hat cost?

More Drill

Zoe started her homework at 7.30 p.m. She finished it at 8.10 p.m. How long did she take to do her homework?

Word Problems Lesson

There are 6 students in the art club. Each student painted 24 paintings. How many paintings were there in all?

Lesson and Practice

At a certain restaurant, each table seats 4 people. How many tables will a group of 36 people need?


Jacob, Michael, and Ethan collect stickers. Jacob has 347 stickers. Michael has 132 stickers. Ethan has 243 stickers. How many stickers did they have in all?


Jayden wants his chocolate chip cookies to have 6 chips each. Today he is making 72 cookies. How many chips does he need?


Jasmine collects stickers. Her collection contains 153 cat stickers, 375 butterfly stickers, and 224 flower stickers. How many stickers does she have in all?

Warm Up

A furniture manufacturer made 438 tables, 62 bookcases, and 127 beds. How many pieces of furniture did the manufacturer make in all?