In these worksheets, students will solve simple, moderately difficult, and multi-step high-school level word problems.

At the high school level, you can be most certain that a word problem is going to require you to form an equation or at least a basic expression along the process of solving it. When you first approach a high school word problem start by breaking down the anatomy of what is being asked of you. What type of solution are they look for here, then work backwards and see what values are involved to devise a solution? These values will be used to final the answer, you just need to determine which math operations are required to get there. In the greater majority of high school problems, it is all above creating an equation, from scratch, that describes the relationship of the variables and then plugging the given values in.

Your students will solve simple, moderately difficult, and multi-step high-school level word problems. This set of worksheets contains step-by-step solutions to sample problems, as well as both simple and more complex practice problems. Ample practice problems are provided in twenty-five two-page worksheets, each containing ten word problems. Themes include calculating mixtures, calculating concentration, triangulation, travel, movement of water, calculating perimeters, geometry, distance, circles, calculating savings, and more. Worksheets containing general assortments of word problems include real-world situations like handling money, portioning, finding ratios, etc. This set of worksheets also contains lessons and step-by-step solutions to solving sample problems, as well as both simple and more complex practice problems. Students will require additional paper on which to write and solve their equations. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to solve a variety of moderately complex word problems at the high school level. These worksheets explain how to solve a variety of different types of one and two-step word problems. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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High School Word Problems Worksheets

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All Mixed Up Worksheet Page 1

A feed and grain shop makes 140 bushels of a mixture of corn and oats. If a bushel of oats costs 80 cents and a bushel of corn costs $1.50, how many bushels of each are needed to make a mix that sells at $1.20 a bushel?

All Mixed Up Worksheet Page 2

Rosemary and thyme are seasonings that blend well together in taste. Thyme sells for $1.35/oz and rosemary sells for $1.85/oz. If a mix of both spices weighing 20 oz sells for $1.65/oz, how much of each spice does the mix contain?

Calculating Mixtures Worksheet Page 1

A farmer is preparing cattle feed. Ground corn is 6% protein and soybean meal is 12% protein. How many pounds of each should be mixed together to produce 240 pounds of a mixture that is 9% protein?

Calculating Mixtures Worksheet Page 2

A cereal company wants to make a raisin bran cereal from cereal that sells for $2.20/lb with raisins that sell at $4.20/lb. How many pounds of cereal and how many pounds of raisins should they put in the mix if they want a 20 pound mixture to sell at $3.00/lb.?

Calculating Concentrations Worksheet Page 1

A pharmacist at the local hospital needs 70 liters of a 50% alcohol solution. There are containers with a 30% alcohol solution and an 80% solution of alcohol. How many liters of each are needed to produce 70 liters of a 50% alcohol solution?

Calculating Concentrations Worksheet Page 2

An alloy of tin is 16% tin. How much tin, calculated to the nearest tenth of a pound, must be added to make 820 pounds of alloy that is 18% tin?

Triangulation Worksheet Page 1

A square boxing ring is 20 feet wide. Approximately how far apart are the boxers when they are in opposite corners of the ring before the start of each round?

Triangulation Worksheet Page 2

A rectangular room has a length that is 1 foot less than twice its width. If the diagonal of the room is 17 feet, find the dimensions of the room.

Calculating Perimeter Worksheet Page 1

A rectangle has a length that is 6 inches longer than its width. If the area is 112 square inches, what is the length and width of the rectangle?

Calculating Perimeter Worksheet Page 2

If the perimeter of a rectangle is 84 yards and the length of a rectangle is 2 yards more than four times the width, what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

Finding Concentrations Worksheet Page 1

A chemical solution contains 1% salt. How much salt is in 2.5ml of solution?

Finding Concentrations Worksheet Page 2

The pharmacist needs to formulate a pediatric cough medicine. Adult cough medicine contains 25% alcohol. How much liquid should the pharmacist add to 120 milliliters of cough medicine so that it contains the pediatric dose of 20% alcohol?

Random Math Worksheet Page 1

Nail polish remover is made by adding water to the chemical substance acetone. How much pure acetone must be mixed with a 40% acetone solution to make 30 oz of 58% acetone solution?

Random Math Worksheet Page 2

With a tailwind, a Gullwing aircraft can fly 900 miles in 5 hours. With a headwind of the same speed, the aircraft can fly the same distance in 6 hours. What is the average wind speed and the average air speed of the aircraft?

Mixed High School Math Worksheet Page 1

Juan has a coin collection of dimes, quarters, and silver dollars. The number of quarters is 5 less then three-fourths of the number of dimes. The number of the silver dollars is 7 more than five-eighths of the number of dimes. There are 116 coins in all. How many dimes, quarters, and silver dollars does Juan have?

Worksheet Page 2

Chau invested a total of $15,000 in two accounts paying 4% and 5% simple interest. She gets $700 in annual interest. How much money is invested in each fund?

Travel Word Problems Worksheet Page 1

Two trains leave Chicago traveling the same direction on parallel tracks. The first train is traveling at 72 mph and the second train is traveling 66 mph. How long will it take for them to be 45 miles apart?

Travel Worksheet Page 2

James started his journey on his bicycle at 7:30 am at a speed of 8 mph. After 30 minutes, Jason started from the same place on his bicycle but with a speed of 10 mph. At what time did Jason meet up with James?

Up and Down the River Worksheet Page 1

When traveling with the current, a boat goes 60 miles in 3 hours, but against the current it takes 2 hours longer to make the return trip. What is the speed of the current?

Up and Down the River Worksheet Page 2

During fishing season a conservation officer is patrolling a river that flows at a rate of 5 miles per hour. The patrol boat travels 40 miles upriver and returns in a total of 6 hours. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

Crazy Mixed Worksheet Page 1

The English class assignment is to read Shakespeare's Hamlet. Seth starts reading at 4:30 pm and reads 30 pages an hour. Jamaal starts reading at 5:20 pm and reads 40 pages an hour. At what time will they be reading the same page if they both began on page 1?

Crazy Mixed Worksheet Page 2

If Edgar can mow a yard in 4 hours and Arnold can mow the same yard in 6 hours, how long would it take for both of them to mow the yard together?

Wet/Water Worksheet Page 1

A salt water aquarium is 28 inches long, 14 inches wide and 24 inches high. How deep is the salt water if its volume is 7644 cubic inches?

Worksheet Page 2

There are 42 teachers at Central High School. The principal’s report to the school board states that the student teacher ratio is 27.5 to 1. How many students are there?

Think of the Possibilities Worksheet Page 1

A 20-foot piece of pipe is cut into 2 pieces. One piece is 4 times longer than the other. How long are the pieces?

Worksheet Page 2

Annette is a graphic designer and she has a contract to paint advertising on a 40 square foot sign. The length of the rectangular sign is 3 feet longer than the width. What are the dimensions of the sign?

Simple Internet Worksheet Page 1

Sherese buys a bond for $613.81. When the bond matures in 10 years it will be redeemed for $1,000 with compound interest. What is the interest rate of the bond?

Worksheet Page 2

Uptown Department Store charges 21.9% annual rate for overdue accounts. Unfortunately Joshua has overspent and owes $6,168 on an account at the store that is 2 months overdue. How much does he owe in total?

Geometry Word Problems Worksheet Page 1

The perimeter of a triangular garden in the city park is 100 feet. If the length of side 1 is 10 feet less than the length of side 2 and the length of side 3 is 25 feet more than side 1, what is the length of side 2 in feet and inches?

Worksheet Page 2

A cylindrical can of green beans in the school cafeteria’s kitchen has a radius of 5 inches and a volume of 785.25 cubic inches. How tall is the can?

Potpourri Worksheet Page 1

Phillippe is making teepee. The size of the teepee will be 12 feet in diameter and 8 feet tall in the center. How long should the support pieces be for the teepee?

Potpourri Worksheet Page 2

The bottom of a 25 foot ladder is leaning against a barn. If the bottom of the ladder is 7 feet from the house on level ground, how high on the barn does the ladder reach?

What a Find Worksheet Page 1

When Raul works more than 30 hours in a week he is paid 1.4 times his regular hourly rate for each overtime hour he works. If he worked 35 hours and earned $436.60, what is his regular hourly rate?

Worksheet Page 2

Consuelo is 10 years older than her brother Javier. Next year she will be twice as old as him. How old are they now?

Probability Problems Worksheet Page 1

The school band was selling raffle tickets to raise money for a trip. If the odds of winning the raffle are 17 to 200, what is the probability (as a percent) of a ticket holder winning?

Probability Problems Worksheet Page 2

A standard deck of playing cards contains 52 cards; thirteen of the cards are diamonds. Two cards are drawn at random from the deck without replacement. What is the probability (expressed as a percent) of drawing two diamonds?

On the Track Worksheet Page 1

An Amtrak train traveled 150 miles in 3 hours. When it reached an urban area it reduced its speed by 20 miles per hour for 2 hours. How many miles did the train travel?

Worksheet Page 2

Jamarr paid $64.38 for a coat during a 35% off sale. What was the original selling price?

Find the Solution Worksheet Page 1

An alien land rover on Mars travels 1 mile in 45 seconds. At this speed, how many miles will the rover cover in 1 hour?

Worksheet Page 2

Eduardo works as a real estate agent and recently he earned $4,725 for selling a house. Since he makes 6% commission for each sale, what was the selling price of the house?

Vampires, Fractions, and Time Word Problems Worksheet Page 1

A small board measures 1/2 inch by 2 inches by 36 inches. How many boards will fit in a box 2 1/2 inches by 28 inches by 36 inches?

Worksheet Page 2

A furniture store is selling a dining set for $637 which is 35% off the regular price. What is the regular price of the dining set?

Going in Circles Worksheet Page 1

A machine has two interlocking circular gears. The larger gear has 72 teeth and smaller gear has 48 teeth. How many complete revolutions does the larger gear make while the smaller gear makes 9 complete revolutions?

Worksheet Page 2

The ratio of the area of circle 1 and circle 2 is 16:9. What is the ratio of the circumferences?

Saving Up Word Problems Worksheet Page 1

A ship travels 300 miles due east, then sails 100 miles due south. How many miles away is the ship from its starting point?

Worksheet Page 2

A cylindrical drum has a diameter of 3 feet and a volume of 65 cubic feet. What is the height of the drum?

Candy Bar Math Worksheet Page 1

Damarco bought a new area rug for his apartment. The length of the rug is two feet longer than the width and the perimeter of rug is 44 feet. What is the area of the rug in square feet?

Worksheet Page 2

A Valentine box of chocolates contains 20 identical round chocolates. Four are filled with jelly, seven are filled with nuts, and nine are filled with crème. What is the probability that one chocolate chosen at random is filled with crème or nuts?

Math Revolution Worksheet Page 1

How many revolutions will a truck wheel with a diameter of 32 inches make if the truck travels a distance of seven miles?

Math Revolution Worksheet Page 2

Minh stopped at the minimart and bought three chocolate bars and a pack of gum costing $1.75. The following week Minh returned to the store and bought two chocolate bars and four packs of gum at the same prices as previously. This time he paid $2.00. What is the price of a chocolate bar and the price of a pack of gum?

Moderate Word Problems Lesson

Define a variable, write an inequality, and solve the problems. Anna has to buy books, pens and stamps. She has more than $100; she purchased books for $31, pens for $21 and stamps for $30. What is the least amount of money she could have left?

Lesson and Practice

Find the minimum height of the 1st floor, if the height of 2nd floor is less than 42m, which is double the height of the 1st floor.


The length of Charlie’s room is 12 ft. If the area of the room is at least 96 square feet, what is the smallest width the room could have?

Moderate Practice

The low temperatures for the last two days were 20° and 25°. What must the low temperature for the next day be in order for the average temperature for the 3-day period to be less than 22°?

Moderate Drill

James got a 30% and a 40% on his first two computer tests. What must he get on his third test to have at least an average of 45%.

Warm Up

What will be the least value of the number, if the other numbers are 23, 45, 34, 12 and the sum is 136?

Word Problems with Parts Lesson

In above chart, each division represents 10 km distance traveled and with each division, distance traveled increases by 10 km. this means that the upper division can be filled by adding 10 km to previous division data.

Lesson and Practice

Mary's mother divides a pie among her five sons, the first one gets 20%, the second one gets 25%, the third one gets 30%, the fourth one gets 10%, and the fifth one gets the rest. How much does each one's slice weighs if total pie weighs 250 grams?


The chart shows data of a car that travels at a speed of 30 miles per hour for a distance of 150 miles. Answer the following question.

Practice Sheet

A car gets 40 km per gallon of gasoline. How many gallons of gasoline would the car need to travel 200 km?

The With Parts Drill

How long will it take to complete half of the journey?

Parts Warm Up

Water flows into a pool of 2000 liters at a steady rate of 3.5 liters per second. Answer the following.