In these worksheets, students will learn to solve word problems involving percentages.

Students often have difficulty transitions in percentage changes. This is often rooted in the fact that students miss the concept on what a percentage change is. For example, if we were to ask students the question: if a value were to decrease by forty percent and then had a sixty percent gain, what would the overall percentage change. The answer is four percent, but students are lost when they are presented with this example. They need to be reminded that we are worried about the entire system when we are exploring percentage and the total change is what we are interested in determining. The problem is that students focus on the whole value number and not the meaning of a percentage. A percentage is based on the concept of one, meaning that one hundred percent is equal to one. Which means that when students see fifty percent, they need instead to see it as the decimal value 0.5.

In these worksheets, your students will solve word problems that involve calculating percentages. Students will solve real-world problems involving money, stock prices (percent change), discounts, etc. There are 35 worksheets in this set. The worksheets are broken down into sets focusing on specific topics, with 6 worksheets in each set. 3 additional worksheets are provided at the basic and intermediate skills levels. Students will solve word problems involving percentages. They will solve word problems involving percentage increments and decrements. Students may require extra paper to write and solve their equations. This set of worksheets contains lessons, step-by-step solutions to sample problems, and both simple and more complex problems. It also includes ample worksheets for students to practice independently. Most worksheets contain between eight and ten problems. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to solve word problems that involve percentages. Students will practice calculating percentages by solving these word problems. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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Percentage Word Problems Worksheets

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More Percent Problems Lesson

Michael spent 34% of his monthly salary of $2,340 on himself and deposited $ 300 in bank. How many percent of his salary does he have left?

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Lesson and Practice

An electronics store keeps track of consumer electronics prices each month and record the changes some of which are shown below. Complete the table.


The average ratio of doctors to population is 4:556. How many people is one doctor serving (on the average)?


The following table tracks the opening and closing of a stock's price. Calculate the missing details.


Eyck Caravaggio earns $4,600 every month. He gives 2/5 of his salary to his mother. Eyck uses 36% of the remaining amount to pay his bills. He also gives 4% of the remaining to his kids as allowance. How much does he have for himself?

Warm Up

How much was the total change in dollars?

Percent Lesson

Now, we add both values and you have new price.

Lesson and Practice

If the total sale price of a pair of jeans is $50 and sales tax is 7%, find the purchase price of jeans


Students will solve word problems involving a percent of change. Ten problems are provided.

Percentage of Change Practice

Tom Chain, a used car dealer, sold 16400 cars in 2001. If Chain sold 15744 cars in 2002, by what percent did the number of cars sold decrease?

Change Drill

How much does tax eat into your total income.

Warm Up

A 60 member student committee is chosen to represent the whole student body of a college. If the committee members from various faculties need to be in the same ratio, as the members of students in different faculties.

Percent Increment and Decrement Lesson

Subtract the original amount from the final amount.

Lesson and Practice

Subtract the final amount from the original amount.


The population of a city has increased from 18,000 to 22,400 over a period of 2 years. What is the percentage of increase?


Students will practice solving word problems involving percent increments and decrements. Ten problems are provided.


The value of my house has gone from $102,500 to worth $111,000. What is the percentage of increase of my house?

Warmups on Increment and Decrement

The number of participants in a competition is increased from 312 to 351. Find the percentage of increase.

Percent Word Problems Lesson

Martha gets 48 points on her examination. This amounts to 43% of the total points.


Danny just hired a new employee to work in your bakeshop. In one hour the employee burned 250 chocolate chip cookies. If this represented 21% of the day’s production, how many cookies did you plan on producing that day?


John needs 250 cookies for a buffet. He will make oatmeal raisin, macaroons, and chocolate chunk cookies. He wants 25% of the cookies to be meal raisin and 15% of the cookies to be macaroons. How many chocolate chunk cookies must John bake?

Review and Practice

Out of 1,560 students of a school only 28% passed. Find failures.


Tiffany Lowery got 65 referrals during the year. If 14% of these were for tardies. How many times did she get caught for being tardy? (She did not get caught every time).


Calculate 1.5% of 456 kg?

Basic Skills Worksheet

Peter gets 36 marks out of 50 in an exam. Calculate marks in percentage.

Basic Skills Practice

In a company, out of every 10 employees, 6 are males and 4 are females. Find the percentage of males and females in the company.

Intermediate Skills Worksheet

In a soccer match, 58% spectators are supporting team A and the rest are supporting team B. What is the total no. of spectators if no. of spectators supporting team B is 5691.

Intermediate Skills Practice

A store makes a 12% profit on the total sale it makes. If they make a profit of $30,450 on a particular day, what is the amount of sale they made on the day?

Intermediate Skills Drill

In a farm, the total Quantity of wheat produced increased by 20%. The price of wheat fell by 10% that year. What is the total increase in percentage in amount the farmer obtained by selling wheat?

Practicing with Percent Lesson

Kate pays 23% as tax. She saves 15% of what is left for future use. If her salary is $2,560, how much is left for her?

Lesson and Practice

Order the apparels from highest to lowest by selling in percent.


Janice gets 140% of the normal $12.50 hourly pay as overtime. Calculate her total salary for a week, if she works 42 normal hours and 15 overtime hours.


A family's electricity bill is 30% of the family’s total earnings, but this month the bill was 14% more than the usual. If the family’s total earnings for a month is $12,500, what is the total bill for the given month?


McGuire saves 12% of his $4,510 salary. He pays 7% of remaining amount in bills. He spends 3% of his salary on himself and friends. Then he deposits the rest in the bank. How much does he deposit in the bank?

Warm Up

Arrange the batters in order from worst to best by batting average.