Transform a boring learning environment by introducing Consonant Q worksheets to your students.

With more than a dozen digital worksheets, the Easy Teacher Consonant Q lessons will stir the imaginations of your kids. Each lesson presents a unique teaching tool that helps students grasp the concept of phonics, as well as learn how to use words that start with the letter Q at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of sentences. Each worksheet is paired with an answer key that gives teachers more time to spend with students in the classroom.

Easy Teacher Consonant Q worksheets will trigger plenty of questions from students that enjoy the interactive methods used to teach phonics and grammar.

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Printable Letter Qq Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

What the "Qq"?

Which word matches the picture in this word bank: quarrel question quiz quip quail quad squeeze queen quill quiver

The Qq Letters

Which images displays a Qq sound.

Qq Brainstorms

Write some sentences with the words pushed to the back.

Qq Circles

Circle the pictures with names that contain the letter Qq.

Picture Matches For Qqs

Cut out the Picture and place it in the correct column based on the sound the words make.

What's the Qq Color

Find the place where all the Qq sounds are found.

Write | Color Qqs

Match each word below to the synonym that starts with q.

Letter Qq- Draw, Trace, Write

Do all three tasks to hit this one up.

Where Is My Qq?

Say the name of each picture. If it starts with the q sound, draw a line to connect the picture to the letter Qq.

Glue Me Some Pictures

You will need some scissors to cut out the following pictures: quit quiet quiver quick quest quarrel quarter quartet

The Letter Q

Circle the pictures that begin with the consonant Q.

Finish Offer With Qq

Add a letter Qq to start off all these words and then write the complete word.

OH Boy Qq

My letters are traced and then written. We finish off with circling those words that start with qQ.

Consonant Qq Trace and Find

Trace the letter and the seek out the sounds in words.

Trace Qq and Say The Word

Say the name of each picture. Color the ones that contain the Qq sound.