Properly sequence a written story by using Easy Teacher Sequencing worksheets in the classroom.

Sentence sequencing follows a logical series of events that keep readers riveted on the printed page or digital version of a story. Teachers often overlook the importance of story sequencing. It definitely helps improve comprehension and helps students begin the process of drawing inferences. They also help students form organization skills. When you are first exploring this skill start small and build up. I would start by having students order two parts of a story and then progress on to three and four. Then continue to build up until you are working with several paragraphs. Teachers should make sure that students are presented with clear sequences that only have the possibility of driving in one direction.

Turn logic on its head by explaining to your students the importance of developing sentence sequencing skills. Sometimes it is hard to determine the intended order of a story, but these worksheets will get you focused on determining themes of a story and order placement. The Easy Teacher order of events worksheets provide students with 15 teaching tools that improve sequencing skills. Perhaps the most difficult module presents your kids with a story and they have to rearrange paragraphs to sequence the story properly. Another worksheet asks students to write two sentences, review the sentences, and then write two more sentences that logically follow the first two sentences.

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Printable Story Sequencing Worksheets

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The Hungry Caterpillar Sequences

Once there was a very tiny caterpillar. She inched her way up a tree looking for food. When she reached a leaf, she took a small bite. Then she took a bigger bite.

No More Tears

Once there was a very mean boy name Roger who was a bully to his classmates. His teacher, who had some magical powers, decided to teach him a lesson.

The Snowman Story Sequence

Read the story. Then put the events below in the correct order.

The Little House

Read the story. Put the events of the story in the correct order.

The Grumpy Backpack

Joe's backpack was having a bad day. First, Joe stuffed so many books and supplies into it that Joe had trouble zipping it shut. Then Joe tugged on the zipper so hard that it broke, so Joe had to go to school with his things hanging out of his broken backpack.

A Busy Saturday

Kyle woke on Saturday morning in a very good mood. A whole day, all to himself! But his parents had other ideas. When he came down for breakfast, Kyle's mother asked him to take out the trash. Kyle carried the trash bag from the kitchen out to the can by the garage.


Read the story. Then put the events of the story in the correct sequence.

How to Make Pancakes

Read the story. Then put the events of the story in the correct sequence.

Bo and Jo

Bo the cat and Jo the dog were best friends. They had been together since they were a kitten and a puppy, and they did everything together.


An excerpt from Around the World in Myth and Song by Florence Holbrooke.

Answer Key Order

Verify that this order is correct.

Betty and the Bee Sequence

Betty decided she would go on a hike. She packed snacks and water in her backpack, and she brought her walking stick. Betty set off across the neighborhood. Soon she came to the park.

Androcles and the Lion

A Slave named Androcles once escaped from his master and fled to the forest. As he was wandering about there he came upon a Lion lying down moaning and groaning.

Buying Makeup

Read the story. Then put the events in order.

Poor Gigi

Read the story. Then put the events in order.

Summer Fun

Read the story. Then put the events of the story into the correct order.