Worksheets that will test how carefully primary, elementary, middle school, and high school students read directions.

This is a skill that many people just don't take the time to realize is a huge issue for the current generation of students. Every notice how even video games don't come with instructions anymore? When toy companies realize that instructions are not what there customers value, it confirms it as more factual. The answers to almost all of these worksheets are simple and not time consuming at all.

We recommend that you visit these worksheets many times throughout the course of the school year. It will truly help your students grow not only as students, but as responsible citizens.

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Following Directions Worksheets By Grade Level

Click the buttons to be transported to all the pages for that grade level. They are ordered by school year.

Primary Level

For the younger students. In most cases we target non-readers, but there are plenty of sheets for readers as well.

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Elementary Level

Students should have a good handle on reading. Basic math fact skills are necessary for some of the sheets found at the bottom of that topics page.

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Middle School

Middle level students are the most notorious non-direction reading age level. I would hammer them with these sheets throughout the school year. We had a teacher tells us that they add one of these to all their major tests throughout the school year.

High School Worksheets

I like to leave one of these with my substitute teachers, every single time I am out. I like to make it extra credit through the school year too.