A series of worksheets that works on spelling rules and grade specific spelling words for students.

Spelling, in the English language, is a widely accepted set of standards that dictates the arrangement of letters that represent language in the recorded form. The goal of a teacher with spelling is to help students learn to write more precisely. Studies have shown that good spellers are often solid readers. From the dawn of time teachers have given students humongous lists of words to memorize and sure they did well on spelling quizzes, but little carry over made it to student writing. Instead of memorizing words and focusing on the names of letters, you should focus on teaching the sounds that the letters make. Rather than going over words that are on the same subject, it is more important to teach word groups by the sound or sound chunks in the words. You will find that students will retain the words quicker and carry it over to other forms of language.

These activity sheets will teach your students various rules for spelling and pronunciation (which will help with correct spelling). Scroll down to find the grade level of spelling worksheets that you are looking for. The different lessons encompass when to capitalize letters, how various vowels and vowel combinations can be pronounced, the different pronunciations and spellings of specific phonemes, which consonants should not be doubled, changing suffixes correctly, when "i" comes before "e" and when it doesn't, choosing the correct homophones, reviews of commonly misspelled words, and more. The new generations do not feel that spelling is as an important skill as previous generations. A generation that doesn't know like without "Spell Check"; maybe that is why?

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Grade Level Specific Spelling Worksheets

Below are spelling worksheets for specific grade levels followed by printable spelling rules worksheets.

Spelling Rules Worksheets

Spelling Rules: Capitals and Final Consonants

Whenever you start a sentence, the first letter should be a capital. Names of people, places or events that only happen once should be capitalized.

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Short/Long Vowels: Spelling the sound /k/

When you add a suffix that starts with a vowel to a short-vowel word, it makes the short vowel long.

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Spelling /ch/, /kw/, and "le" Words

We look at the rules for writing these spelling words. We highlight the general process and the exceptions as well.

Consonants that Never Double

If a word ends in a consonant plus "y," then the y changes to an "i" if your suffix is "ed." For example: "deny" turns into "denied."

The Meaning Of a Word Helps

It's tricky to know how to spell words that sound the same. Often, it helps to know the meaning of a word and its suffix.

"y" to "i" and Drop the "e"

If a single-syllable word has a vowel and then ends in a consonant, double the consonant when you add a suffix.

When To Use "i" before "e"

Adding suffixes to words ending "ce" or "ge".

They're, Their, There and You're, Your

These are three/two different words and should not be confused with one another.

Too, Two, or To?

These three words sound the same, but they mean different things.

Kindergarten - Grade 2 Commonly Misspelled Word List

These are the words that you will want to focus on.

Grade 3 - Grade 5 Commonly Misspelled Word List

This is the elementary list of words that students should go over often.

Middle School Commonly Misspelled Word List

I still to this day often misspell "acknowledge" and "obnoxious".

High School Commonly Misspelled Word List

Let me see if I can string a sentence with these words: I'm a embarrassment of an entrepreneur because on occasion I supersede weird.

Ten Life Changing Spelling Tips You Need To Know

1. Use a dictionary 2. Keep a spelling notebook 3. Do all kinds of writing

Tip #4-7

4. Don't use spell checking software 5. Play word games 6. Read different kinds of texts 7. Get to know words

Tips #8-10

8. Study difficult words with a quick 5-step process 9. Check your work 10. Learn how it sounds

Spelling Rules Cheat Sheet Page 1 of 2

A super shortened version for you to work with.

Spelling Rules Cheat Sheet Page 2 of 2

Rules 11 through 20 to put it all down with for you.