These activity sheets will teach your students how to identify and use singular pronouns.

Pronouns are words that take the place of a noun, and they can be singular, plural, or possessive. The following collection of worksheets focuses specifically on singular pronouns. Activities include identifying the singular pronouns within given sentences, choosing the correct pronoun to complete a sentence, classifying given pronouns as singular or plural, writing sentences using singular pronouns, replacing plural pronouns with their singular equivalents, and more. Some activities have multiple sheets, so be sure to print them all.

Please Note: While answer keys have been provided for each activity sheet for instructors, in some cases, your students' answers will vary.

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Seeking All Singulars

Find the singular pronoun(s) in each sentence. Write it on the line.

Using Singular Pronouns

EXAMPLE: Anne gave her apple to Fred. The pronoun is her. The antecedent is Anne. The pronoun and the antecedent must match in number; they must both be singular, or both be plural. Saying Anne gave their apple to Fred would be wrong, because their is a plural pronoun.

Write It Out

Find the singular pronoun(s) in each sentence. Write them on the lines.

Circle em'

Circle all the singular pronouns. Then use each one in a sentence.

Line It Right!

Read each plural pronoun. Write the singular version of the pronoun on the line. Then use the singular version of the pronoun in a sentence.

Add the Sentence

Complete each sentence by adding the correct singular pronoun.

The Replacements

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the underlined noun with a singular pronoun.

Singular or Plural Pronouns

Tell whether each underlined pronoun is singular or plural.

Writing with Singular Pronouns

Fill in the blank lines with the correct singular pronoun.

Which One Is It?

Complete each sentence. Write the singular pronoun that corresponds to the noun in parentheses.

Fill Them Up!

Write the correct singular pronoun in the blanks to complete each sentence.

Single Fills

Write the correct singular pronoun to complete each sentence. Use the noun provided in parentheses as a clue.

Writing and Identification

Match the nouns/description on the left with their corresponding pronouns. Circle the singular pronouns. Then use each singular pronoun in a sentence.


You will see why we named it this after two read through-s.

Page #2

5 more problems for you to work through. Goes with the above worksheet.

Singular Indefinite Pronouns

Yes, it's singular again. Did you figure it out yet? Read each pronoun. Label it singular or plural. Then use it in a sentence.

Page #2

Finish up the above worksheet with this sheet.