Introduce your students to a neat phonics teaching tool by using each of these worksheets.

Vowel teams are one of the biggest culprits of spelling errors.  There instances when a single vowel team can result in a half of a dozen different sounds.  The are many instances where vowels are written over two letters.  These instances are referred to as vowel digraphs. The term digraph breaks down into two written forms.  In some circumstances this produces a single sound.   Learn how digraphs are pronounced can help improve your reading ability and help you form a more natural dialect with your spoken language.   This is present in words such as soon and heel.  The sound given off by this combination is different from the sound of the singular vowel.  There is also a classification of that takes two different vowel sounds that merge into one. These sounds are called diphthongs.

We present you with 15 lessons that teach kids about the power of two vowels connected together and how to pronounce the double vowel words. For example, you instruct your students that READ has two different pronunciations, depending on whether the word is used in the past or present tense. One lesson asks students to add the correct vowel diagraph to a word placed within a sentence. Each worksheet starts as a PDF file, which you can print to make sure every student has an effective teaching tool to take home. Keep your kids engaged in the classroom by teaching them how to use vowel diagraphs within a wide variety of sentences.

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Printable Vowel Digraphs Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Digraphs: oo, oo , ue

Choose a word from the box to complete each sentence.

oi | oy

We explore the use of the words: droid, avoid, foil, annoy, boy, toy, boil, spoil, and royal.

Which Spelling Fits?

Circle the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence.

What's Missing?

Fill in the missing digraphs in each incomplete word.

aw | au

We work with these pretty unique vowel pairs in different words.

oo | ue

We review the skill we have learned above with these vowel pairs.

ay |ai

It is a good idea to have students define the words before they get started here.

Fill In the Missing Vowels: "oo"

Fill in the missing letters in each word. Write the word. Say the word.

au | aw

For extra credit you can have students form a synonym for each of the words in the box.

Fill It In

Write the missing letters on the lines.

Word Shapes

Write each word in the correct word shape.

Fill In the Missing Vowels: "ee" or "ea"

Fill in the missing letters to complete each word then write the word and say it aloud.

ai | ay

Circle the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence. Write the correct answers into the word shapes below.

Word Boxes: oy, oi

I like to encourage students to write their own sentences as well.

The Ender

We place the vowel diagraphs in place to complete the words and the sentences.