These worksheets will teach your students how to identify and correct double negatives.

The following collection of activity sheets will help your students learn about double negatives, offering short sentences to correct. Answer keys are provided, but in some cases answers will vary. Since some words have a prefix that means “not,” students must be careful to say what they mean. For example, "His paper isn't illegible" can be correct if they are observing that it is easy to read, but is incorrect if they meant to use the word "legible."

Fun Fact: While two negatives make a positive in English, in French (and other languages), two negatives can be used to make a more emphatic negative.

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Avoiding Negatives

When two negative words are used in the same sentence, it is called a double negative. The two words contradict each other, and can confuse the reader.


Rewrite each sentence to correct the double negative.

Feel Bad Words

It is possible to accidentally create a double negative in your sentence when using these words. Rewrite each sentence below to correct the double negative.

Corrected Sentences

Rewrite each sentence so that it makes sense, and contains only one negative.

Make the Team

Rewrite each sentence below, correcting the double negative in two ways, if possible.

Avoiding Use

Double negatives should be avoided, as only one negative word is needed to express a negative idea.

Which Sentence?

Choose the sentence from each pair that is written correctly.

Writing Negative Sentences

Practice writing negative sentences and avoiding the double negative. Rewrite each of the sentences below as a negative sentence.

Avoid Them!

Underline the word in parentheses that completes each sentence correctly.

School of Fish

Correct each sentence to get rid of the double negative in two ways.

Lion of Sentence Writing

Eliminate or change words, as necessary.

Two Ways

Revise each sentence in two ways to correct the double negative.

Rewrite Me

Choose the sentence that is written correctly. Rewrite each sentence to eliminate the double negative.

Sentence Writes

Use each of the following words in a negative sentence. Avoid the double negative.

Using Negative Prefixes

When using words with a negative prefix meaning "not" (un-, in-, ir-, a-, etc.), take care not to create a double negative.