How will you know if he took a bow after the play or took a bow off of the gift?

It's all about context. The following collection of activity sheets will teach your students how to spot and interpret homographs, those words that are spelled the same, but which are pronounced differently and have different definitions. Students will be asked to define highlighted homographs using sentence context clues, choose the correct definition for a selected homograph based on its use in a sentence, and more. Answer keys have been provided for instructors.

Extra project idea: Have your students construct a Venn diagram with homographs on one side, homophones on the other, and homonyms in the middle.

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Print Homograph Worksheets

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Underlined Sentences

Write the meaning of each underlined word. Homographs can also sometimes be pronounced differently.

Choose the Correct Meaning

Choose the correct meaning for the homograph in each sentence.

Word Bubbles

Read the definitions. Choose the correct homograph from the Word Box to go with each set of definitions.

Using Context Clues

For example: bat (a piece of wood used to hit a ball) and bat (a flying, nocturnal rodent). Read each sentence. Choose the correct meaning for each homograph.

Context Clues

In the following sentences, underline the homograph that matches the meaning provided in italics after the sentences.

Homographs Puzzle

Identify a homograph for each set of meanings. Then use each homograph in a sentence to demonstrate each meaning.

Greek Roots

The Greek root word "homo" means "the same." The Greek root word "graph" means "write."

Underlining Sentences

The underlined word in each sentence is a homograph. On the first line, write the meaning of the underlined word as it is used in the sentence. On the second line, write one of the homograph’s other meanings.

Name the Homographs

Now use the homographs that you identified to complete each sentence. On the line, indicate which meaning applies.

Synonym Sentence

Read each sentence. Then, on the line, write a synonym for the underlined homograph.

Backseat Writing

Write the meaning of the underlined homograph in each sentence.

Relationships between Words

Write the meaning of the underlined homograph in each sentence.

Two Sentences

Write two sentences that demonstrate two different meanings for each word.

Pairs of Words

For each homograph write two sentences, one that demonstrates each meaning of the word.

Homograph Challenge

For each word, write a sentence that incorporates both meanings of the homograph. Follow the example.