We use abbreviations every day in addresses, dictionaries, governmental agencies, etc. (see what I did there?).

We abbreviate things to speed our ability to communicate. This has been prevalent in human written language since 1,000 BC with the Greek alphabet. If you think back to Ancient Egypt drawings have been used for similar purposes. Today young people have reverted to doing the same with emojis. Some youngsters pride themselves on never using a single letter in their texts to their friends. Way to think like an Egyptian guys! We have shortened surnames (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.) in this way too. Surnames are also one of the most commonly used abbreviations. Map locations and weather charts are filled with them too. Acronyms have been front and center for the last twenty years. Acronyms are formed by associating a word with each letter in the acronym itself. You might have come across the acronyms: YOLO (You only live once) or FOMO (fear of missing out). Teach your students common abbreviations with this collection of worksheets, which cover addresses, state names, recipes, everyday expressions, formal forms of address and professional titles, and more. Abbreviations help streamline information for both writers and readers, but you must use them correctly in order to keep your writing clear. For example, many writers think the abbreviations "i.e." and "e.g." are interchangeable, when they mean different things and have very specific uses.

Fun Fact: The ampersand (&) was originally designed by combining the letters "E," and "t," and was used in "&c" as an abbreviation for the Latin "et cetera" (and the rest). Today the ampersand represents the word "and". There are thousands of big business brands that incorporate the use of the ampersand in their name. Where would Ben & Jerry be without it?

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Abbreviations in Everyday Conversation Worksheet

The following abbreviations are common in written and verbal communication. Read each abbreviation and its definition.

In the Kitchen

Abbreviations are often found in recipes. Study the following common words having to do with measurement. What do they mean?


The names of the states are commonly abbreviated. Write the correct abbreviation for each state name.

Titles and Degrees

It is common to use abbreviations when referring to people's titles, or the degrees that they have earned. Can you match each title or degree below to its correct counterpart?

Map Abbreviations

The abbreviations below are commonly found on maps. Do you know what they mean?

Common Government Agencies

Many government agencies are commonly referred to by their acronymn. Do you know the full names of each of these agencies?

Common Abbreviations

Fill in the blanks by either writing the abbreviation for the word, or writing what it means.

Names and Titles

Use a period at the end of an abbreviation. If the name or title is normally capitalized, then the abbreviation should be capitalized too.

Common Place

United States Armed Forces could also be interpreted as "Air Force".

Months of the Year and Days of the Week

Write the correct abbreviations for the months of the year. HINT: Not all months get abbreviated!


The short name for "century" stumps most people.

Who Done It?

We ask you to snoop through sentences and find possibilities to abbreviate.

Abbreviations in Grammar

Abbreviations are often used to talk about grammar. The abbreviations below are commonly found in the dictionary. Do you know what they mean?


You'll need to hunt these words down in the sentence. Oh wait! The words are already underlined for you.

Latin Abbreviations

Some of the most common abbreviations are derived from Latin words and phrases.