Teach your students about direct objects with this collection of activity sheets.

The subject of the sentence did something to whom or what? That whom or what is the direct object. If your students can identify nouns and pronouns, they are more than halfway there! The following worksheets will have students identifying subjects, verbs, and direct objects within simple sentences. Answer keys have been provided for each sheet, but instructors should be aware that in some cases, student are asked to create their own answers.

Expanded Exercises: Since sentences can have more than one direct object, have your students rewrite the activity examples to add other, relevant topics.

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Find the Action

A direct object follows an action verb. It completes the action of the verb by answering the question, "Whom?" or "What?" after the action verb.

Fill It Up

Identify the direct object in each sentence. Write it on the line.

Show the Action

In each sentence, underline the verb that shows the action, and circle the direct object that receives the action.

Subject Me

Underline the subject. Then roll your sleeves up and understand the rest of that sentence.

Action Verbs and Direct Objects

Underline the action verb in each sentence. Write the direct object on the line.

Subject and Action Verbs

Read each sentence. Identify whether or not the underlined word is the subject, action verb of the sentence. Write your answer on the line.

Subject or Direct Object

Identify the underlined word or words in each sentence. Color in the block next to the correct answer.

Action Verbs and Direct Objects

Underline the action verb in each sentence. Complete each sentence with an action verb.


Rewrite each sentence so it contains a full and clear thought.

Cold and Flu Season

Check the correct box for each underlined word.


Circle the word that is functioning as the direct object in each sentence.

Identifying It

Define all the main parts in each sentence. Write it on the line.


Breakdown all of these sentences with the help of your faithful friend the underline.

Action Verbs

An action verb is a word that shows action. It can be the simple predicate of the sentence. Of course the object, yeah, it receives the action.

Bland Sentences

Rewrite each sentence below, adding a direct object to receive the action.