These worksheets will teach your students about the basic building block of writing: the paragraph.

There is no hard and fast rule about paragraph length, but three to four sentences is a good rule of thumb. The following collection of activity sheets will give your students practice in constructing and understanding paragraphs. Students will read short paragraphs and then be asked to identify topic sentences and supporting details, recognize transitional words and phrases, and define the type or organization of the paragraphs. Answer keys have been provided for the instructor.

Project Idea: Have your students select articles (print or online) and deconstruct selected paragraphs from them, comparing and contrasting how different paragraph structures affect reading.

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Dogs, Tooth Care, and City Living

Read the paragraphs below and underline the topic sentence. (Cross out any sentence that doesn't belong)

Science Test and Chester Arthur

Read the paragraphs below and box or highlight transitional words and phrases.

Armadillos and Tacos

Determine if the organization of the paragraph is chronological, spatial, descriptive, simple listing, cause & effect, compare/contrast

Topic Sentences

Pick a sentence from a pair of them. Choose the one that you feel would make a better topic sentence. Don't scrap the other sentence use it as a good supporting detail. Write TS for topic sentence and SD for supporting detail.