The following collection of worksheets will teach your students how to identify and use synonyms.

Synonyms are different words that have identical-or at least very similar-meanings. When we are writing any body of work using repeated versions of the same word can bore your readers. Having the ability to replace that word several times can improve how you communicate with your audience. This technique livens up your message and, in most cases, it gives your readers a better and more vivid mental picture of the subject. This is never more pertinent when you are writing a creative piece. Fictional works are built on the foundation of non-repetitive word usage. This takes time to build up, when you notice that you are continually using a word, find an alternative word that may brighten up your work.

This set of activity sheets will introduce your students to using synonyms correctly. Activities include choosing similar words to replace selected words, identifying the correct words within a given list, identifying whether given pairs are synonyms or antonyms, and more. I find this worksheet section to be a paramount toward better writing skills. Having a solid vocabulary that you can call in at anytime starts with this, the simplest of tasks. When you are looking for like words, it is helpful to also know their opposite meanings. That makes it a clear point indicator.

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Printable Synonym Worksheets

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Writing with Fancy Worksheet

Perk Up Your Writing with Fancy

Read the paragraph below. Replace each bold word with a similar word that will add more detail and interest to the paragraph. Write your word on the correspondingly numbered line.

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Similar Meanings Worksheet

Similar Meanings

Find those replacement words in the boxes you are given. Circle the two synonyms in each set of words.

Same Meanings Worksheet

Same Meanings

Read each sentence below. Write a better on the line for each underlined word.

Same or Different Worksheet

Same or Different?

Read each set of words below. Identify whether they are synonyms or antonyms. Write it on the line.

Think It Worksheet

Think It Through

Write a similar word for each term that is given. You may need to reach deep inside yourself to post up a solid choice.

Same Meanings Worksheet

Same Meanings In Sentences

Replace each underlined word with a better word choice. Choose from the words in parentheses. Write your word on the line.

Two In a Row Worksheet

Two In a Row

Circle the two words in each sentence that are synonyms.

Find the Synonym Worksheet

Find the Synonym

Circle the correct similar word for each underlined word.

Recognizing Worksheet

Recognizing Synonyms

Circle the correct the matching word for each underlined word.

Writing with Synonyms Worksheet

Writing with Synonyms

Using a dictionary or thesaurus, list at least two synonyms for each of the following common words. Then, on the line below, use one of each of the words you chose in a sentence.

Bold One Worksheet

Be Like The Bold One

Circle the word in each row that is the best synonym for the bold word.

Serving Up Synonyms Worksheet

Serving Up Synonyms

Replace each underlined word with a brighter word choice. Write your word on the line.

Match Me Worksheet

Match Me Up

Circle the two words in each sentence that have like meanings.

Same Word Worksheet

Find the Same Word

Match the words on the left with their best word on the right.

Synonym Check Worksheet

Synonym Knowledge Check

This is purpose of this entire section of worksheets. Do you know your stuff?

Equivalent Worksheet

Find the Synonyms

Read the terms at the beginning of each line. Color the boxes of the words that are its equivalent in meaning.

What Are Synonyms and How to Learn Them?

The English language is full of surprises. You may learn a word one day and find a completely different word with the same meaning the other day. If you have come across such words and wondered what they are, we can help you understand. Languages often have different terms to describe a similar meaning. The language experts refer to these words as synonyms. People use them in different scenarios to specify their true meanings. For better understanding, let us answer the question, what are synonyms formally.

What Are Synonyms?

Synonyms refer to two or more words or expressions of the same language with the same or nearly the same meaning in various contexts. For example, the word 'specimen' has synonyms' sample' and 'exemplar.'

How to Learn Them?

There are no specific ways to learn synonyms. While this may be correct, you can try many methods to improve your synonym knowledge. If you have trouble memorizing different words with the same meanings, you may follow the below-listed ways for effective learning.

Use Dictionary

The most common way of learning synonyms is by using a dictionary. Although not many people are dictionary enthusiasts, learning new words with meanings can be helpful. For ease of learning, you may start with a word you already know. Now, look up the word in your dictionary to find its meaning. Typically, dictionaries list the synonyms of words below or next to the meaning.

You can learn the new words for the same meaning without moving to another page. While this may be true, you can separately locate each synonym in the dictionary to know the exact meaning.

Personalize Words

One of the best ways to grasp the meanings and synonyms of specific words is by using them in your everyday conversations. While many words may not fit well into regular communication, you can still make it a habit to learn new words. For example, you may frequently use sentences starting with "I like." To learn the synonym of the word 'like,' you may replace it with 'admire.'

Words used less often may be hard to remember. When you personalize new words, they become a part of your communication, making it easy for you to remember them.

Use Contextual Learning

Synonyms may have the same meanings but may be suitable for different contexts. To understand where to use a specific synonym, you may need to learn with context. One of the best ways is to read stories for contextual learning. Story books often use synonyms to explain different scenarios.

For example, consider the sentence, "The bad boy gave a terrible performance in the test." The words 'Bad' and 'Terrible' are synonyms in this sentence. However, the writer used them to describe different states of the same meaning.

Read Different Written Pieces

Reading a product manual may be an entirely different experience than reading a storybook. You may not find a lot of synonyms in the manual. On the other hand, a story is a piece of creative writing. The writer may use synonymous terms to describe the characters' personalities, the weather of an area, or the story's mood.

For example, to describe a thief running away from the crime scene, the writer may say, "The thief dashed off the crime scene before the cops could capture him." Here, the word 'Dashed' expresses the hurriedness of the thief to flee from the spot.

Summing Up

The ways mentioned above can help you learn and memorize synonyms effectively. You can also use modern learning tools to enhance your vocabulary knowledge. Searching for different words on Google may help you find synonyms quickly. You can habitually search a few terms every day for effective learning.