The following worksheets will expand your students' vocabulary by teaching them how to use context clues.

Anyone that reads extensively has run into a situation where the author uses an unfamiliar word. While e-readers make it easy to select and look up new words, in many cases, its definition can be derived through context. Here is how I approach a new word: First, I always circle any word I am not familar with. If I can break it into roots and prefixes or suffixes, I always do. I then look at what the sentence is driving at, I mean the main idea or thought being pushed to me (the reader). I then say the sentence aloud and guess at the meaning of the word. I finalize it by looking up the word in dictionary. This has served me well and I come across new words, to me, less and less.

This collection of activity sheets will teach your students how to parse sentences and find corroborating information in order to define unknown words. Project idea: Have your students make up their own adjectives and use them in a sentence, providing enough context for a reader to define the made-up word.

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Print Context Clues Worksheets

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Words in Sentences

Read the sentence and choose the meaning of the underlined word.

Medium Words

These are more real world words, if you will.

Locked Sentences

Read it fully.

8 in a Pack

Do what you can to peel out these words.

Marked Clues

Use the form of the leading words for this section. They will be your guide.

Flat Sentences

Put more into your sentence makers.

What's It Mean?

Read each sentence. Use the context clues to help figure out the meaning of the underlined word. Fill in the circle for the correct answer.


Find out what word would best replace the word in the sentence.

Bubble Fills

Which word is the meaning of the underlined word?

Clue Me In?

These are the more difficult words in this section.