Take the fun of completing word ladders to a whole new level with these worksheets.

As the 15 worksheets available in this lesson package prove, making the timeless phonics game an integral part of the English curriculum will certainly bring smiles to student faces. A five-step word ladder in one of the lessons asks students to climb each step by changing out one letter. The ultimate goal is to take three steps to change a word such as knit into a word like snow. Each worksheet includes an answer key that gives teachers more time to interact with students, instead of grading tests and quizzes.

How do students get from blare to flake in three steps? One worksheet from this lesson set asks the same question. They are fun and fully engaging for students

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Printable Word Ladder Worksheets

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Space Travel

Replace one letter - earth is one of these. Replace one letter - you fly in them Replace one letter - you eat off these Add one letter - somewhere to be.

Riddle of the Ladder

What does Jeremy need for all of his books? Change one letter in each word to complete the ladder to find out.

Let's Eat Out!

What does Mr. Miller need with him when he goes to the restaurant? You get the drill by now!

Change Just A Letter

This takes just a single change in the wheel to get this going.

What Do You Think of the Baby?

What does Lily think about her baby sister? See if you can complete the chain of letters.

In the Garden

Make this garden of letters sparkle.

Fireman's Special

Put out the fire or start a fire with this group of letters.

Winter Is Coming!

Winter is coming to a word ladder near you.

Busy Squirrels CVC Words

See where the word "nut" can take you to.

CVC Words

Use the pictures for clues to complete each word.

Blends Away!

Replace a letter or a blend in each word to complete the words.

Nice to Mean Ladder

See how those words take a sideways turn and work off of that.

Pup to Map and Fun to Rat

Each ladder contains a pair of words. Find the words that connect the two, changing only one letter per step.

Challenge the Ape

Carry an ape down the ladder to man.

Party Smarty

There is such a thing as a smart party. Now prove it.