Teach your students how to avoid run-on sentence with these worksheets they will enjoy them.

The following collection of activity sheets will present various run-on sentences. Students will be asked to correct them using one of the four different methods, either by adding their own punctuation, rewriting the sentences, or identifying which multiple-choice answer is correctly punctuated. Students will also be asked to determine whether a sentence is simple, compound, or run-on. Answer sheets have been provided for instructors, but please note that in some cases, your students' answers may vary.

An example of a run-on sentence would be: I am a boy I am lacrosse player. The reason this is incorrect is because there are basically two complete sentences fused into one. That's a reason that run-on sentences are called fused sentences.

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Printable Run-On Sentences Worksheets

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Avoiding Run-On Sentences

Run-on sentences occur when two or more independent clauses are not joined together properly.

Correct Them

Correctly punctuation the run-on sentences. If it is correct, write C beside it.

Drawing A Blank

On the blank line after each word group, write an independent clause beginning with the word printed in parentheses. Add connectors and proper punctuation and capitalization.

Paragraph Edits

Edit the following paragraph. Correct all run-on sentences. Be sure to use proper punctuation and capitalization as necessary.

Multiple Choice

 Read each run-on sentence.  Choose the sentence that correctly punctuates the run-on.   Fill in the bubble beside the correct answer.

Simple, Compound, and Run-On Sentences

Write S in the blank before each simple sentence, C before each compound sentence, and RO before each run-on sentence. Correct the run-on sentences.

Labels and Paragraphs

Correct the run-on sentences in the paragraph.

Worksheet 2

Same as the above worksheet. Just more reps for you.

Defining Sentences

This will require you to think through this in a deep and difficult way.

Fix the Paragraph

Correct the run-on sentences in the following paragraphs.

Correct the Run-on Sentences

Correct each of the following run-on sentences by rewriting them on the lines.

Broken Sentences

While listening to music she often sings aloud to herself whether she is alone or not and whenever I am around and hear her it is really annoying especially since she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!

Correcting Sentence Fragments

A group of words that does not express a complete thought, but is still punctuated like a sentence, is called a fragment. A fragment can be corrected by adding more words so that it becomes a sentence. It can also be corrected by adding it to another sentence or correcting the punctuation.

Is It a Sentence?

Read each sentence below. If it is a run-on sentence. write RO on the line. If it is a fragment, write F on the line. If it is a complete sentence, write S on the line.

Sentence Correction

In order to be a sentence, a group of words must contain both a subject and a verb, and express a complete thought. A fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought, but is still punctuated like a sentence A run-on sentence is two or more complete sentences that are punctuated as one long sentence.

Fragments and Run-Ons

An incomplete sentence is called a sentence fragment. It is either missing a subject, missing a predicate, or does not express a complete thought. Read each set of words. Write fragment or sentence on the line.

Revising Run-On Sentences

Revise the sentence: George is an excellent student he listens carefully he follows directions and he studies hard.

Call the Sentence Doctor!

Revise each fragment or run-on sentence so that it is a complete, properly punctuated sentence. You may add words to fragments as necessary.

Which Is It?

Read each set of words. If it is a sentence, write an S on the line. If it is a fragment, write an F on the line.

Is this Sentence Correct?

Read each sentence. If it is correct as written, write correct on the line. If it is a run-on sentence, write run-on on the line.

Identifying Correct Sentences

Read each sentence. It is a correct sentence, a run-on, or a fragment? Write your answer on the line.

Sentence or Fragment?

Read each sentence. Is it a sentence or a fragment? Write your answer on the line.

Correcting Run-on Sentences

Practice started at eight but there were only three people there so we all had to wait another twenty minutes for the rest of the team to arrive the coach was angry.

What Do Foxes Eat?

Read the paragraph. Underline each fragment once. Underline each run-on sentence twice. Then, on a separate sheet, rewrite the paragraph, correcting the errors.

Sentence Diggers

Find all the errors and put it together in a sentence.