These worksheets focus on words that contains sounds forced by two vowels paired.

When your tongue glides from one vowel to next, you will get a unique sound from this work. In many cases, it almost a dual sound. Diphthongs are often difficult for English as a Second Language learners. This is most because this is a very unique rule within the English language subset.

What's actual makes this more difficult for new language learners is the existence of accents all across our country and the world, for that matter. Try to explain to someone how to say the word "tomato" or "water".

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Fill That Word

Write the missing letters on the lines. We give and example of: Vowel Diphthong = Word au = sauce, aw = awful, oi = noise, ou = out, oy = boy

oy and or Words

Fill in the missing letters in each word. Use oy or oi.

oi | oy

Choose a word from the box to complete each sentence.

Vowel Sound in "Claw"

Write each word in the correct column. Column 1 = Vowel Sound in Claw spelled aw. Column 2 = Vowel Sound in Claw spelled au.

Vowel Sound in "Toy"

Which word exhibits similar characteristics?

Vowel Diphthong: oo

Which of the words use oo as in “Cook"? Which words use oo as in "Food"? The Bank looks like this: look brood wood crook noodle spooky good broom room loom zoom book took shook hood gloom

Cut 'em and Match em'

Cut. Glue to match. Choose from the words to complete the sentences.

au or aw

Fill in the missing letters in each word. Use au or aw.

au | aw Boxes

Choose a word from the box to complete each sentence. Words include: applaud handsaw exhaust nighthawk faucet taunt shawl auction runaway

Fill That Down

Find, in your brain, the missing letters for these guys.

Mama Bird

Help the mother bird get back to her nest. Color all the spaces that contain a word.

Frog Friends

Fill in the blanks to make words, choosing from the diphthongs: oa ee ai ea

Vowel Diphthongs: ai | ay

How many more words can you think of that contain the diphthongs ai or ay? Write your words below. Then, on the back of this page, use each word in a sentence.


Read each word. Underline the diphthong. Write each word on the line.

Vowel Sound in Ow spelled ow or ou

Which of the sounds do these words make: town cow scour lounge sound clown frown trout