Teach your students how to use quotation marks correctly by referring to Easy Teacher worksheets.

If your students expect to advance their grammar skills, they must learn how to apply quotation marks properly for research papers and works of fiction. One of the most powerful learning tools in the Easy Teacher Quotation Marks lessons is a worksheet that requires your kids to find quotation mark mistakes within paragraphs. The module also presents a series of sentences, some of which should not have quotation marks and others that have another type of punctuation rule applied. Answer keys that come with each worksheet free up more time for you to offer one-on-one instructions.

Take this quote to the bank: "Your kids will never complete punctuation curriculum until they learn how to add quotation marks properly."

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Printable Quotation Marks Worksheets

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Quotation Marks

Read each sentence. If it is punctuated correctly, circle the check mark. If they are not used correctly, circle the X.

Pig Loves to Read

Choose the sentence from each set that is punctuated correctly.

Speakers Words

Underline each speaker's words. Then rewrite the passage, adding quotation marks where necessary.

Direct Speech

Determine whether each sentence below contains direct or indirect speech. Write direct or indirect on the line. If it contains direct speech, add quotation marks where needed.

Joseph and Billy

Rewrite the dialogue in the speech bubbles below. Add commas and quotation marks where needed.

Using Quotation Marks

Read the story below. Underline direct speech. Then use a colored marker or colored pencil to add quotation marks and commas where needed.

Where Does It Go?

Quotation marks are used around the titles of songs, poems, short stories, newspaper articles, and when referencing chapters in books. Rewrite each sentence below, using quotation marks correctly. Not all sentences need quotation marks.

The Cows

Rewrite the dialogue from the cartoon, using direct speech. Punctuate correctly.

Using Quotation Marks

Rewrite the indirect speech as direct speech. Punctuate correctly.

On Success

You use quotation marks to indicate that you are quoting exactly what someone said. Write a sentence that includes each of the quotations below. Punctuate correctly.

Marks For Words

Add punctuation marks where needed in each sentence below. If the sentence is already punctuated correctly, place a check mark next to the sentence.

Direct Speech

Use commas, quotation marks, capital letters, or make any other changes necessary in order to rewrite the sentences correctly.

The Teddy Bears

Copy each quote on the lines below. Be careful to add commas and quotation marks where they are needed.

Punctuation and Direct Speech

Read each sentence. If it is punctuated correctly, circle the smiley face. If they are not used correctly, circle the X.

Quotation Mark Practice

Rewrite each sentence so that it uses direct speech. Punctuate correctly.