You will find general printable word walls and grade level specific word walls here.

Word walls are large displays of words that feature high frequency words. These are words that we use very commonly in spoken and written language. Word walls have been used by teachers for over a century. They are a staple of classroom walls lower elementary classrooms all over the world. My teachers used them when I was a student, so did my mother's, and my grandmother's teacher. When the words are assembled correctly it can help students identify patterns and contrasts between words. The real advantage is that it helps makes new words concrete for students. The basic model that you can use with students when introducing word walls is to incorporate them in your daily routine. Using word walls in your classroom is a great strategy for pre-readers and readers alike. They are basic general displays of words that students see regularly and they work as a great review and recognition tool. These can commonly be placed on bulletin boards.

We would highly recommend that you consider posting the words above your general instruction area. The goal to displaying these is to have them visible in the background as much as possible. Many teachers swear that word walls are very effective for helping focus and tackle new vocabulary words and new sounds. Print these out for great quick vocabulary and spelling reminders in your classroom. Perfect for our prereaders and younger students. If you scroll down the page you find grade leveled word walls as well as those based on a theme.

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Printable Word Walls

Directly below you will see grade leveled word walls. If you scroll further down the page, you will find general word walls.

Family Related Words

Words include: family sister parent cousin mother kid father could

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Family and Talking Age/Love

Words include: brother aunt uncle baby age love your hug

Pronouns and Tough Things To Talk About

Word list includes: divorce my marry mine died his house her

Endearing Terms

Words included: grandmother grandfather children sweetheart best friend

Food and Dining Words

The wall includes the words: tomato bean drink grapes banana soup bread cheese butter food

More Stuff To Eat

If you're hungry you might want to think about eating: carrot pie cake eat milk bacon eggs pop

Good Foods Chart

Always includes the words: potatoes apple hotdog lunch cereal hungry dinner full

Advance Food Words

Features: cookie favorite candy store sugar salt

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Sugary Things and Lettuce

Words include: ice cream strawberry lettuce orange juice hot chocolate

Things You Might Find At The Snack Stand

Includes: pop corn sandwich cafeteria breakfast hamburger.

Things in a Home

house kitchen garage bathroom couch bedroom table fireplace chair trash can

Common Household Items

bath window rug clock lamp mirror bed desk

More Things In Your Home

shelves dresser closet picture curtain sink cabinet kettle tissue shower

Things In a Dorm Room

fan towel soap stove toilet plate cup saucer

Electronics and Openings

VCR yard DVD door TV fence roof gate

Things In A Kitchen

outlet plug fork knife spoon napkin bowl salt

Things Near a Kitchen

telephone living room dishwasher refrigerator

Science and Nature

sunny cloudy windy forest ocean desert snow river sky star

The Weather

rain rocks cold ice warm grow hot moon

Nasty Weather

lighting weather tornado wetland volcano rainbow thunder hail

On Earth

plant land sun earth wear hill

Extremes of Nature

hurricane earthquake mountain waterfall