These worksheets look at instances where the consonant sequence of "th" make one cohesive sound.

I find that using teaching cards with these diagraphs are very helpful. It gets to the point where students can basically use them like flashcards. It really speeds up the process of understanding the digraphs. I usually start off with these diagraphs first when teaching pre-readers. Not because they are part of the “h brothers”, but from experience I find that students get these the quickest as transitioning from single letter sounds.

Most common words with "th" digraphs - think, than, third, than, and that

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Print th Consonant Digraphs Worksheets

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th Fills

This should just help the kids get in a solid beat on it and get going.

Say My Name!

Write the word that completes each sentence. Circle the word that names the picture. Solid words like: birdbath, labyrinth, aftermath, badmouth

Single Letter Sounds

A diagraph is two letters that make a single sound. Say the name of each picture. Then write its name on the line.

The First Word!

Circle the word that has the same beginning sound as the first word.

wh and th?

Fill in the blank with the correct diagraph.

Diagraphs: th

Say the name of each picture. Circle the pictures that contain the th sound.

Diagraphs: th and wh

Choose the correct letters to complete each word. How many words can you think of that contain each diagraph?

Word Puzzle

Where are those words in the puzzle?

Say and Draw

Can you think of two things whose name contains the diagraph th? Draw a picture of each thing. Then write its name on the line.

Scissors and Glue

Say the name of each picture. Cut and glue the correct blend to complete each word.

Fill and Write It

Complete each word by filling in the missing diagraph. Write the word.

Bubble and Bench It!

These are some hearty words, like a thick beard. Incudes: froth, underneath, worth, swarthy, unearth, warpath

Did You Hear That?

At the bottom of the worksheet we are looking for ending sounds.

Scrambled Sentences

Unscramble the th words below. Then use them to complete the sentences. The words are: menthol, plethora, withheld, breathing, bathrobe, stealthy, theology, empathetic, regrowth

Diagraphs | th/wh

Read each word. Is it missing a th sound, or a wh sound? Color in the circle next to the correct missing sound.