These worksheets focus on using and recognizing words with short "i" and long "i" vowel sounds.

When ever you have a vowel that sounds just like its name we call it a "Long Sound" or "Long Vowel". Look at the word "Kite". Sound it out. The "i" sounds just like the vowel itself. Long "i" can also come from the letter combination of i_e, igh, le, and plain old -y. Such as in the word "fry". Cool fact the word "set" has the most definitions of any other word in the English language. The best way to identify how a vowel is used in a word is to say the word aloud. You may need to say it several times to make sure you can listen to yourself talk. Learning how pronunciation words that include short vowels is often a tall order for non-native speakers because it differs from the fundamental phonetic sounds that were learned early on. You will see that is where different accents also come off of words.

The most common long "I" words are: ice, five, bike, mice, nice, nine, side, wide and fine. The most common short "I" words are: big, did, his, lip, pin, pig, sit, sip and zip (had to get a "z" in there!) Scroll down to print out some great worksheets to help you determine the differences. These worksheets will start by having you identify the vowel sounds that are present in words. They will move on to help you sound out and understand words that may be new to you. There are a bunch of fun activities that will help motivate students along the way. There are some shading, coloring, and puzzle sheets along the way.

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Print Long and Short I Vowel Sounds Sounds Worksheets

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The Long I Sound

Color the objects that have a long I (ĭ) sound. Then write the word under the picture.

Short I (ĭ) Words

Circle the short i words. Where they at?

Longer or Shorter

Color the Short I words RED. Color the Long I words GREEN. Color all other words BLUE.

Long Boxy Words

Complete each sentence with the best Long I word from the word box.

Circle and Name

Lots of animals and insects that you can't even process it all.

Short i Search

Say the name of the picture. Circle the word.

Long I Word Search

Underline the Long I words in the story and write them on the lines. Only write each word once.

Get Out The Glue

Cut out the pictures. Glue them next to the correct short I words.

Find the Longs

Where are all those pictures coming from?

Sound Circles

Read each word. Does it have a long (Ī) sound, or a short (ĭ) sound? Color in the circle next to the correct sound.

Short i and i_e Words

Read each word. Then add an e. Read the new word and write it on the line.

i__e Words

Read each word. Then draw a picture of it.

Ice, Chins, Insects, and Fire

Draw a line to match each picture to the correct word.

The Wizard One

Bike, kite, pie, lips, cricket, film, die, six, kitten, and of course.... wizards!

Can You Hear the Short (ĭ)?

Circle the word in each set that starts with a short (ĭ) sound.