These worksheets will help your students learn and practice putting words in alphabetical order.

The following worksheets contain many different types of exercises to teach your students alphabetical order. Sheets may focus on just letters or entire words. One worksheet asks students to supply their own words which fall between two given words, and would be great to pair with learning how to use a dictionary. Note: Some of the vocabulary may be too advanced for your students, but they only need to put them in alphabetical order, not define them.

Fun Fact: Primers that tell stories or recite poems using subjects that begin with each letter in alphabetical order are called abecedaries.

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ABC List Worksheet

The ABCs

Rewrite each word list in alphabetical order.

Letter Challenge Worksheet

Big Letter Challenge

Five vertical word sets for you to sequence.

Revolutionary Worksheet

The Revolutionary Alphabet

A the words presented are related to the American Revolution.

Advanced Worksheet

Advanced Word Sets

These are truly difficult vocabulary words.

Alphabetizing By Letter Worksheet

Alphabetizing Letters

You just need to sequence letters here.

Mixed Letters and Words Worksheet

Letters and Words

The first six problems focus on letters. The rest of the worksheet has you organize words.

Word Sorting Worksheet

Word Sorting

Sort the words into Word Box according to their first letter.

Sorted Worksheet


Cut out the words and glue them into the correct alphabetical order.

Two Words Worksheet

Simple Two-Word Order

Rewrite each word pair in order by way of the alphabet.

Two Words Moderate Level Worksheet

Moderate Two-Word Pairs

We organize two-word pairs.

Vertical Worksheet

Vertical Alphabetized Letter Mixes

Alphabetize each letter mix from top to bottom.

Soup Worksheet

Alphabet Soup

Rewrite the soup ingredients in order.

Vertical Practice Worksheet

Vertical Order

Write the words vertically.

Multiple Choice Worksheet

Multiple Choice

Read each list of words. Which comes last? Write its letter on the line.

Middle Worksheet

Fill in the Middle

Think of a word that goes the words in each pair, when the words are in sequence. Write your word on the line

How to Teach Alphabetizing

Recognizing and learning the alphabet is one of the first things preschoolers learn. Some kids are quick to grasp alphabet letters. However, others struggle to memorize them. Since alphabet learning is the basis of literary education, teaching it using effective methods is essential. Teachers use many ways to teach alphabet letters to preschool kids. Regardless of the methods used, the objective is to help the kids learn them quickly and correctly.

Choosing a method that encourages preschoolers to take an interest in learning alphabet letters can be influential. Most teachers start with the alphabet song. Kids have sharp auditory memory. Singing helps them learn the letters better compared to reading. If you want to teach your kids the names of alphabet letters, there are several ways you can accomplish it.

Five Ways to Teach Alphabet Learning

If you want to teach preschool kids to alphabetize correctly, you may need to use creative and exciting ways for alphabet learning. The following teaching methods can help you teach your kids to recognize and learn different alphabet letters.

Letter Building Blocks

Preschoolers love to play. You can take advantage of it and incorporate learning into their playtime. Using the alphabet building blocks allows kids to develop familiarity with different letters. You can teach each kid to build different letters. Making small groups can also help them learn better. For example, you can make groups of three students and assign each kid one alphabet to complete. Once done, you may ask them to switch the letter with one of their partners.

Handcrafting Letters

Handcrafting is one of the best ways to learn. You can teach the kids to handcraft letters using different materials. This process enables them to observe the shapes of different letters. For example, you can place a block of letters in front of the preschoolers and ask them to make it using playdough mats. Once they do it, you can check the accuracy and ask them to make corrections if needed.

Letter Puzzle Games

Kids love to do puzzles. Incorporating alphabet learning into it can be a great idea. You can find thousands of exciting alphabet puzzles for kids. The best puzzle for preschool kids is the one with detachable letters. You can assign the kids to place the correct letters in hollow shapes. This activity can help them recognize alphabet letters and understand their correct order.

Letter-of-the-Day Activity

The preschool kids need to learn different letters individually. You can accomplish it by using letter-of-the-day activities in the classroom. The kids can learn each alphabet by writing, handcrafting, and doing puzzles as a part of the activity. For example, if Monday is the day to learn the letter "A", kids can perform all the activities for the same letter.

Alphabet Pictures

One of the most common ways to teach kids to alphabetize is using pictorial books. An alphabet pictorial book covers all the alphabet letters with pictures associated with them. These visuals may include animals, food items, toys, sports items, places, etc. The purpose of such books is to help the kids understand the relationship of alphabet letters with naming different things. For example, the kids may find ants, apples, and archery visuals on the page with the letter "A".

The ways of teaching alphabetizing, as mentioned above, can help preschool kids to recognize and memorize the use of different letters. As a teacher, you can be as creative as you like to help the kids learn. You can use other exciting ways to teach alphabet letters if you have any ideas. You may also be able to find online teaching platforms for kids to support them in learning.