These activity sheets will teach your students how to identify and construct plural nouns.

Obviously a noun refers to a person, place, or thing. We have been reciting that since early primary school. A plural refers to a group. Groups are two or more of anything. A plural noun therefore refers to a group of people, places, or things. Why don't we take a deeper dive in with a series of awesome worksheets? The following collection of worksheets will help your students learn about plural nouns. Activities include identifying the correct noun pluralization, converting singular nouns into plurals, rewriting sentences from singular to plural, and more. Answer keys have been provided for each activity sheet for instructors. NOTE: Though not covered specifically in these sheets, please explain to your students that apostrophe-s is never used to make a noun plural, as it is reserved for contractions or possessives. Fun Fact: The practice of using an apostrophe-s to make a noun plural is known as the "Greengrocer’s apostrophe" (and it is very, very wrong).

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Counting at the Zoo Worksheet

The Plural Counting at the Zoo

Circle the correct form of each word. make sure to sound out everything along the way.

Forms Of Words Worksheet

Forms Of Words That End In Y

To make a noun that ends in Y plural, change the Y to an "i" and add "es." Complete each sentence by writing the plural form of each noun in parentheses.

More Than One Worksheet

More Than One!

Write that correct form of each of the words that are presented to you. You may need to sound them out.

Wisely Worksheet

Choose Wisely

Pick the noun that works best for each sentence. Write it on the line and circle it too. Say it aloud to yourself.

Irregular Plurals Worksheet

Irregular Plurals

Choose the correctly-spelled word to fill in each blank. Write it on the line. We provide you with a rules of road chart to help you along. This makes for a great reminder worksheet.

End in O Worksheet

Nouns that End in O

Write the plural form of each word on the line. You would not imagine how many words actually end in the letter "o".

Irregular Worksheet

More Irregular Plurals

Which of the two words is the correct tense or spelling to fit in the sentence within a high level of context.

Picture Worksheet

Funny Thing

Two of the words stir up a lot of controversy when it comes to spelling. You will also get a picture that goes along with this one.

Correction Worksheet

Sentence Corrections

Correct the error in each sentence by writing the correct plural form of each noun on the line.

Plural Form Worksheet

The Plural Form

Get crazy with your circling. Spot all the words that spelled out correctly.

Multiple Animals Worksheet

Multiple Animals

Some of most often misspelled words are animal plurals. Fill in the empty box with the correct singular or plural word.

Correct My Form Worksheet

Correct My Form

Rewrite each sentence using the correct plural form. You can even transition them to be multiple sentence entires. It is up to you.

Pivot Worksheet

Pivot From Singular

Change the singular form of the noun into the plural form to complete each sentence.

Mine a Double Worksheet

Make Mine a Double!

Rewrite the sentences below so that the nouns are plural. Watch your grammar with a few of these sentences. They may get hard to follow, if you don't.

Word Banker Worksheet

Word Banker

Fill in the correct plural form of the noun to complete each sentence. Use the Word Bank.

How To Use Plural Nouns In A Sentence

By definition, plural means anything that is more than one. So these types of nouns would mean words that specify more than one noun. It could also refer to an animal or a thing. They are fundamentally placed in sentences that indicate the presence of more than one being, and the singularity of the word changes to a plural form.

For example:

Cow - Cows
Food - Foods

Differences Between Plural and Singular

A singular noun refers to just one person or thing. A plural noun refers to more than one person. The addition makes many singular nouns plural of 's' at the end of the word. For example:

Shoe - Shoes
Laptop - Laptops

Some nouns have an addition of 'es' to convert them from singular to plural. For example:

Class - Classes
Beach - Beaches

Certain words do not end with 's' or 'es' but instead take a different approach. For example:

Man - Men
Woman - Women

Some words don't need to change their nature when shifting from from one to many.

Sheep - Sheep
Salmon - Salmon

How To Use Them In a Sentence:

Now that we've understood how singular words are converted to the plural form, let's have a look at a few sentences that will explain the use of of these terms in a sentence:

1. I went to the market with the boys earlier today.

This sentence indicates that the writer went to the market with more than one boy. Hence, the term 'boys.'

2. Many items were on sale at the market yesterday.

This sentence indicates that the writer saw more than one item on sale at the market.

3. The lions hunted the deer with great passion because they were starving.

This sentence indicates there was more than one lion. However, deer can also be used in plural form. Much like the earlier example, some words don’t change their form when shifting from singular to plural.

4. I watched the series, and I loved it.

'Series' does not change its form and is spelled the same way in the plural and singular forms. When used in plural form, the exact spelling will be used.

5. As per the family's rules, a man can marry three women at one time.

'Women' is plural for a woman. This sentence indicates that one man can marry more than one woman at one time, so the plural form for 'woman' is used.

6. My feet hurt from walking so much.

The plural form for the foot is feet. In this instance, the plural form is being referred to, which means feet are used instead of 'foot.'

7. My injuries hurt, Mom. Can you ask the hospital nurses to please have a look?

The plural form for injury is injuries. The writer asks their mother to call more than one nurse for a checkup; hence, the term nurses is used.

8. The school is organizing an alumni dinner for the batch of 2018.

The plural form for alumnus is alumni. In this case, alumni are used because the entire batch of 2018 is being referred to.

The Learning

The key is to learn the plural form of every word. However, doing that will consume a lot of time. So here's a trick. 'Es' is added for words that end with ch, sh, x, or s (some words are exceptions, but this rule works for many other words). For words ending with 'o' or 'is,' the plural form should be 'es.' 'Ves' can be added to shift a noun to a plural form of the noun ends with 'f' or 'fe,' for example Knife - Knives.

As long as you know which letters to place after which noun, it should not be difficult for you to use plural nouns in a sentence. It's all about knowing the plural forms for nouns and placing them where your instinct suggests you.